Celebrating Daan Utsav 2018 – India’s Festival of Giving

Daan Utsav, India’s festival of giving also known as Joy of Giving week is celebrated in India every year from October 2-8. In 2017, over 60 lakh people across 200 cities participated in this event by doing acts of giving; this included over 1,000 companies, 1,000 NGOs and over 1,100 events organised across the nation. More information here

Let’s talk about how Bhumi volunteers can celebrate Daan Utsav with your children
Open to all Bhumi Volunteers, kindly share with all teams

Agenda: What’s happening this Daan Utsav at
1. Bhumi schools
2. Bhumi community centres
3. network colleges. Last year we reached colleges in 40 cities across India. This year we should reach more
4. Catalyse teams in some cities. What’s happening in other chapters?
5. Discuss What’s happening in Ignite shelter homes centres?

Date: Sep 28, 2018
Time: 6PM – 7PM or 9pm – 10PM IST, the calls will begin on time
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Session anchored by – Dr.Prahalathan, co-founder Bhumi

Open to all Bhumi Volunteers, kindly share with all teams

Presenting the Ignite Shelters Support Team

The Bhumi Support Team and its people have collectively managed the Ignite – Shelters programme since inception, till date but times have changed.

Only one major programme: Ignite – SheltersSeveral major verticals including Ignite – Shelters; Ignite – Communities; Ignite – Schools, Catalyse, REFRESH, Scholarships
Average age difference between volunteers & management team: Five yearsAverage age difference between volunteers & management team: Ten Years+
All team members were PCs of various projects initially, even volunteersNot any more

A case for change is the Ignite (Shelters) Support Team – ISST, a team that

  • is more connected with the volunteers on the ground
  • Can oversee day to day management the programme giving its undivided focus only on Ignite – Shelters
  • can take decisions for Ignite – Shelters more aligned to how contemporary volunteers think and do 

What will the Bhumi Support Team – BST do?

  • Function as the “Board” for the Ignite – Shelters team
  • Divide time better across the organisation
  • Support and hand hold the Ignite (Shelters) Support Team in the transition

Responsibilities of the Bhumi Support Team for Ignite – Shleters

The Bhumi Support team will focus keeping with the organization’s vision, mission, and strategic planning goals. Responsibilities include:

  • Approving members chosen for the Ignite (Shelters) Support Team
  • Providing strategic direction and long term priorities / goals for the programme
  • Approving major policies / decisions
  • Reviewing progress – Quarterly
  • Serving as external advocates – Representing the programme to funders etc. 

Responsibilities of the Ignite (Shelters) Support Team

The team will lead the programme in keeping with the BST’s direction. Responsibilities include:

  • Providing direction on annual priorities / goals for the programme
  • Making policies / decisions pertaining to the programme
  • Keeping the BST educated and informed
  • Bringing well-documented recommendations and information to the BST 

Presenting the Ignite -Shelter Support team  

From left: Vaishnavi Srinivasan (BST), Ganesh Kumar, [National HR, Bengaluru] (ISST), Meghna Raveendra [Lead Bhumi, Mumbai] (ISST), Dr Prahalathan KK (BST), Mohammed Arshath Parvez Murthuja [Computers & Science NST, Chennai] (ISST), Ayyanar Elumalai (BST), Sanjna Chebium [Computers NST, Chennai] (ISST), Satheesh Ravi [Maths & English NST, Chennai] (ISST), Neha Singhal [Kolkata CST] (ISST), Ganapathy H Krishnan (BST)

Ignite Documentation Ownership Breakdown

The table below gives a brief over-view of all documents we maintain and respective owners of the same.

DocumentWhyWhereComplexityPrimary Responsibility
Orientation/Pedagogy/Induction Attendance detailsTo get the no of volunteers orientated & ensure the quality of content deliverabilityZohoVery SimpleTrainer / Mentor
Volunteer MappingFor centre allocation & knowing the actual vol requirement after orientationsVery SimpleLB Coordinator
Student DatabaseTo identify who are we servingZohoSimpleCentre Level Coordinator
Asset TrackerTo understand the status of present assets & future requirements, planning on cost effective solutions (as applicable) and class planning based on asset requirements.Google Drive/SheetVery SimpleCentre Level Coordinator
Student Attendance dataIdentifying the frequency of kids & measuring impactZohoVery SimpleCentre Level Coordinator
Volunteer Attendance dataVolunteer Certificate/Awards & measuring impactZohoVery SimpleCentre Level Coordinator
Baseline Assessment TestTo understand the kid’s knowledge levelZohoSimpleVolunteer
Class/Lesson PlanningMonitoring PurposeGoogle Drive/SheetMediumCentre Level Coordinator
Content Tracking sheetSyllabus completion and impact analysisZohoSimpleVolunteer
Center visit feedback formMonitoring & documentation of issues/solutions to come up with a effective and better classroom cultureZohoSimpleLB Coordinator
Caught-Ya card trackingVolunteer appreciation, identifying new leadsGoogle Drive/SheetVery SimpleLB Coordinator
Centre Progress ReportTo know where we stand against our initial project plan; to communicate & build a strong relationship with the centre managementGoogle Drive/SheetHardCentre Level Coordinator
Mid year/Level Upgradation Test/ End of Topic Assessmentskids knowledge levelZohoSimpleVolunteer
End Year AssessmentKids knowledge levelZohoSimpleVolunteer
PR & CommunicationSpreading awareness about our work to attract more volunteers, donors and supportersWorkplace & other social platformsSimpleALL
Award NomiationVolunteer RecognitionZohoSimpleALL
Annual Feedback FormTo make the project/organisation betterZohoSimpleALL
Legend for time taken based on complexity
Very Simple- Less than 5 mins
Simple- 5 to 10 mins
Medium- 10 mins to 20 mins
Hard- 60 mins or more


Click here to view the complete documentation ownership breakdown.

Please note you can give in your feedback/suggestions or if you want to add any additional document names in the Ignite Documentation Ownership Breakdown here


Scholarship programs – Buddy4Study

About Buddy4Study

Buddy4Study, since 2011, is endeavouring to bridge the gap between scholarship providers and scholarship seekers. As India’s largest scholarship listing portal, they help more than 1 million students by connecting the right scholarships with the right students. Backed by its robust scholarship search engine, it is the only platform in the country that allows both seekers and scholarship providers to access curated scholarship information across the globe. India’s largest scholarship network with the vision to make quality education accessible for all. A brainchild of IMT, IIM, and BITS Pilani alumni, Buddy4Study aggregates global scholarship information.

L’Oréal India For Young Women in Science Scholarship 2018?

L’Oréal India For Young Women in Science Scholarship 2018 invites applications from young women who have passed class 12 in 2018, with a minimum of 85% marks in PCB/PCM. The scholarship is granted to promising but economically disadvantaged young women and covers college fees for study in any scientific field in a recognized college or university in India.

Who is offering this scholarship ?

The scholarship is being offered by L’Oréal India with an objective to support and encourage young women to pursue careers in Science. The programme was instituted in 2003 and has consistently helped young women to pursue scientific studies.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

This Scholarship is only for girl students desirous of pursuing a degree course in Science/ Medical/ Engineering/ Biotechnology or any other scientific field, in a recognized institute in India, who fulfil all the under mentioned conditions: –

  • Passed standard 12 (Science) from India with minimum 85% in PCB / PCM
  • Have taken admission to graduate program in the academic year 2018-19
  • Maximum 19 years of age as on 31/05/2018
  • Annual family income should be less than INR 4,00,000

How can you apply ?

The application can be done online or by post.

Online: Register on this link with Gmail/Facebook account and fill the 5-step form.
By Post: Download the application form, fill it and send it through courier to the following address:
Stellar IT Park C-25, No.8,9 & 10 Tower – I, Ground floor, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.
Read further about the scholarship here.

UGAM – Legrand Scholarship Program 2018-19

Who is offering this scholarship ?

The scholarship is being offered by Legrand India under the scholarship program “UGAM – Legrand Scholarship Program 2018-19”, with an objective to help girl students to pursue higher education in India.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

  • Girls from pan India can apply
  • Passed class 12th from India
  • Scored a minimum of 75% marks in class 10th and 12th
  • Seeking to take admission or secured admission in B.Tech./BE (preferably in Electrical or Electronics stream) and B.Arch. from India for 2018-19 batch
  • Preference would be given according to the merit and need of the candidate

How can you apply ?

The application can be done online.
Step 1: Click here to register by Gmail, Facebook or any email ID.
Step 2: Fill the 5-step form.
Step 3: Provide personal details, academic details, reference details etc.
Step 4: The candidates have to answer three descriptive questions in about 600 words describing themselves, why they have decided to pursue the chosen course of study, how the scholarship will help them and what are their future plans, explain why they are a worthy candidate for this scholarship?
Step 5: Submit the completed application form.

Read further about the scholarship here.

Support Teams FORUM –June 2018 MoM

Location: Bhumi Office

Time: 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM


BST: Prahalathan, Ganapathy

CST: Ajin M (Chennai), Jeyakannan (Chennai), Neha Singhal (Kolkata), Sai (Chennai), Santhosh M (Chennai), Sritha (Bengaluru), Sudeep Naik (Pune), Sanjay (Kolkata)

NST: Aravind Manivannan (LES), Harish Ananth (Refresh), Sudhan (Refresh – Chennai)

National Change Drivers: Akshay (Lakshay), Satheesh (LEM & SPO), Joshua (Operations), Mohammed Arshath Parvez (LES)

Others: Hanika (NRO), Ganesh (HR), Ranjith (Zoho), Abdul Wahab (Operations)

Agenda 1: The meeting was started with positive huddle and celebration

Presenter – Convener

Agenda 2: Orientation Updates

Presenter – Ganesh

Action points:

  • Volunteer requirement to be updated in the volunteer requirement sheet http://www.bit.ly/volreqsheet
  • Volunteer dormancy status to be decided and updated based on a conversation with volunteers to understand their availability.
  • Orientation files and presentation – One stop for everything – Orientation Google Folder shared.
  • Paid promotions for orientation on social media is to be discussed with Doc.
  • Orientation process to be shared with CST/NST for suggestion.
  • Higher turn-out for orientation –

a. Starting promotions two weeks before orientation date

b. Sending multiple Emails/SMS to registered volunteers

c. Engaging volunteers via whatsapp group before orientation date

Agenda 3: Alternate terminology for Point of Contact

Presenter – Doc

Action points:

  • Suggestions to be posted in ELDP 2018-19 post https://bhumi.facebook.com/events/193284584656742/permalink/195415187777015/

Agenda 4: Support IDs

Presenter – Arshath

Action points:

  • Pre-read was shared. The new support IDs to be used and communicated by respective teams.

Agenda 5: Certification policy

Presenter – Ganesh

Action points:

  • Certification for Volunteers below 75% and above 75% attendance – with or without slabs / Letter Of Appreciation / Letter of Recommendation to be shared by Ganesh by this weekend and suggestions to be given.

Agenda 6: Orientation updates

Presenter –  Joshua

Action points:

  • Centre engagement form shared and explained
  • Satheesh to start discussion in workplace in ELDP 2018-19 group

Agenda 7: ELDP updates

Presenter – Arshath

Action points:

  • ELDP process shared and presented. Process to be shared.

Ignite NSTs Forum – MOM [27/5/2018]

Location: Bhumi office

Time: 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM

Attendees: Gokul, Ranjith, Arun, Wahab, Doc, Ak, MAP, Ganesh, Shilpa, Shamily, Ayyanar, Satheesh , Jousha, Meghna, Sethu and Gana

Agenda 1: The meeting was started with positive huddle and celebration

Presenter – Satheesh Ravi

Action points:

  • LES – Edging forward with Lifelabs in all cities
  • Lakshya – Initiating assessment
  • LEM – LB task completion and centre identification. Progress in content planning. AVM planned across cities.
  • OPS – Status sheet to be filled in by representative cities viz. Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru for centre identification. Signed on Centre engagement form for Kolkata. Progressing on asset management.

Agenda 2: Review on previous MOM

Presenter: Satheesh Ravi

Action points:

  • Centre identification status was shared.
  • CST to share their update with regard to EYR Report within the next two weeks.
  • Class trend for Laskhya project needs to be shared

Agenda 3: Performance analysis and inferences of Campus Catalyst Drive:

Presenter: Divya S

Action points:

  • Response and interest of volunteers for other events like CariVol or NVW is not as appreciative as Daan Utsav. Celebrity endorsement is considered for that impact.
  • Impact to be reflected in numbers and narrated through stories for effectiveness.
  • City Leads will be coordinating with campus catalysts directly for catalyse events.
  • If campus catalyse assures commitment, it can be rooted for recruitment drive.
  • Suggesting the term ‘disability’ be replaced with ‘Physically challenged’ wherever applicable.

Agenda 4: Updates on ELDP and Lead Bhumi

Presenter: Arshath and Ganesh

Action points:

  • The LB finalization by NST is in progress and the LB team is to finalize within 24 hours of time.
  • The LB continuous process is done and the first draft will be shared by next week.
  • Beacon+ was successfully done in Delhi. Pune & Mumbai Beacon+ will be happening in the coming week. In the second week of July, Beacon+ will be completed for all cities.
  • LB team will be sharing the list of all applicants with their status to the NSTs for reference.
  • ELDP team will be sending the list of all applicants with their status to the NST for reference.
  • 40% of NST requirement has been fulfilled.
  • Previous year NSTs should encourage/motivate volunteers to apply for ELDP.

Agenda 5: Annual Feedback status

Presenter: Ganesh

Action points:

  • Analysation on volunteer retention data was shared.
  • Other project wise data will be shared soon.

Agenda 6: Ignite grouping and CST involvement

Presenter: Ayyanar

Action points:

  • A pre-read was shared and on curriculum perspective, we had categorized the project into 3 categories.
  • Primary-LEM and SPO
  • Science and Technology- LES,Kanini,Yantra
  • Others-Lakshya & NRO.
  • We need to start focusing on the impact at the beginning of the Academic itself and some aspects like class happened, volunteer requirements and attendances will be monitored from the beginning.

Agenda 7: Orientation Updates

Presenter: Ganesh

Action points:

  • The Tracker was shared with the concerned.
  • Trichy & Delhi orientation will be starting in the month of June.
  • Others cities orientations are going smoothly and details are updated in tracker.
  • Orientation requirements are being taken from National Volunteer Requirement sheet and we need to encourage our coordinators to fill in that

Agenda 8: Operation Updates

Presenter: Joshua

Action points:

Centre identification

  • Kolkata is closed- once centre engagement form is shared, we know the number of new centres we will be starting.
  • Bangalore we have shared the list and the CST have picked up 41 centres.
  • Trichy- List was shared to Trichy team and Bala is working on it.
  • Mumbai- all 22 centres identified was shared with the CST
  • NewDelhi- 35 centres have been identified is being
  • Pune- CST have identified around 40 centres which Sudeep has finalized
  • Timeline for finalization of centres has already elapsed.

Agenda 9: Circulum updates

Presenter: Arun Kumar

Action points:

Content Update

  • LEM- Volunteer/Student Manual is being prepared and will be shared soon.
  • Spark- Jungroo will be implemented in all centres.
  • SPO- Minor revisions on content is being done which will be shared soon.

Agenda 10: Pedagogy training update

Presenter: Arun Kumar

Action points:

  • Pedagogy mentors for all cities have been identified and process of identifying trainers is in progress.
  • Arun to start a mail chain on which all projects need to attend pedagogy.

Agenda 11: MELP

Presenter: Joshua

Action points:

A pre-read on the MELP was shared to everyone

  • Mutual learning & exchange program, the objectives of which are as given below.
  • PR & Communications: Promote iGnite across all stakeholders and iGnite centers for universal success of iGnite project.
  • Project Management: Bring collaboration to discuss and execute project essentials such as reports, feedback, areas of improvement, success strategies to facilitate effective implementation and closure of the iGnite project.
  • Advocacy: Facilitate thematic deliberations on ‘child well-being’ to inform, improve and inspire all stakeholders to facilitate future iGnite impact.
  • Capacity Building: Facilitate subject matter expertise-based learning opportunities to capacities of all stakeholders across iGnite project.

Agenda 12: Level of ownership

Presenter: Arshath

Action points:

  • A pre-read on the level of ownership was shared. Everyone was requested to go through the same and share views.

Vidyadhan Scholarship Program 2018

Sarojini Damodaran Foundation (SDF) set up by Mrs. Kumari Shibulal (Patron) and Mr. S.D Shibulal (Co-founder, Infosys) invites applications for its Vidyadhan scholarship program. The scholarship is for economically backward students, from families with an annual income below Rs. 2 lakhs. The students should have passed their SSLC examination this year (2018) from Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry with more than 90% (75% for students with disability) or A+ grade in all subjects. The selected students will be eligible for a scholarship amount of Rs 6000/year for Plus 1 and Plus 2.  If they continue to do well, they will be given between Rs 10,000 to Rs 60,000 per year for pursuing degree course. 

Mrs. Kumari Shibulal, Patron, The Sarojini Damadaran Foundation said, “With each passing year, our endeavor is to provide every child hailing from an underprivileged background with the right to higher education. I believe education is a passport to transform lives. We encourage all eligible students across the State to apply.”

About the Sarojini Damodaran Foundation: The Sarojini Damodaran Foundation (SDF) emerged from a vision to transform lives through education and a sense of responsibility towards the society. It is this driving force that inspired Kumari Shibulal & S.D. Shibulal to lay the founding stone of SDF in 1999. SDF started off on a small scale, providing scholarships to a few underprivileged students in Alappuzha, Kerala. Today, SDF is a constantly growing entity expanding its reach to various causes including education and sports (Vidyadhan, Vidyarakshak and Vidyakreeda), child healthcare (Ayurdhan), organic farming (Akshaya Sree Awards) and social causes (Harishree) in different parts of the country.


About the Program:

Vidyadhan Scholarship Program from Sarojini Damodaran Foundation supports the college education of meritorious students from economically challenged families. The students are selected after completion of 10th grade / SSLC through a rigorous selection process. Currently Vidyadhan program has around 1500 students across the following states: Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Those selected will be eligible for two year scholarship from the Foundation. If they continue to do well, they will be given scholarship for pursuing any degree course of their interest; these scholarships are directly through the foundation or external sponsors who have registered with the Foundation. The scholarship amount for graduation courses varies from Rs 10,000 to Rs 60,000 per year depending on the course and duration. The selected students will be required to attend the mentoring programs from the Foundation.


Those eligible can apply online by logging into www.vidyadhan.org  from May 23rd, 2018 to June 30th, 2018. For more details Please write to vidyadhan.tamilnadu@sdfoundationindia.com or contact Vishwanath +91 7339659929

Ignite NSTs Forum – MOM [29/4/2018]

MOM-NST Meeting-29th April 2018

Venue: Bhumi office

Time: 02:00 PM – 05.00 PM

Attendees: Gokul, Ranjith, Gana, Murali, Arun, Wahab, Doc, Akshay, Arshath ,Ganesh and Shilpa

Agenda 1

It was opened by Arun with positive gathering and moments of celebration


  • It was a progressive week
  •  Social project was started in two community centers with a strength of 30 children.
  •  Response from the children was appreciable.


  • The second AVM was held and discussion was held on improvement of content and impact
  • Scratch workshop was started in Bangalore and Chennai


  • Content improvising was initiated by Arun and Satheesh

Content evolution document discussion will be held.

Agenda 2

Arun did a follow-up on the previous MOM

  1.  Lakshya Project Expansion plan by Akshay/Sriram [30-04-2018]
  2.  Centre Identification status- Report updated by Joshua  [30-04-2018]
  3.  Ignite Centre database was shared by Joshua [30-04-2018]
  4.  Status of EYR reports for Bangalore/Chennai was shared by Joshua; Chennai data to be shared by Wahab; Chennai CST had attended a meeting with Wahab and the report will handed over next week
  5.  Fulcrum outcome report by Akshay to be reviewed by BST next week and published [06-05-2018]
  6.  AK to share the outcome to the NST by tonight
  7.  The outcomes to be discussed in project content meeting.

Agenda 3

ELDP & LB Updates by Arshath/Ganesh

Lead Bhumi:

  • LB team will require the support of NST to encourage the LB applicants of their respective projects to complete the PSR tasks
  •  Most of the applicants have requested but very few have completed the task
  • LB application is open throughout. The process will remain for anyone who applies. Instead of group task, one more PSR activity will be given

Beacon+ dates:

  1.  Kolkatta-12 and 13 may
  2. Pune – 26 and 27 may
  3. Bangalore-12 and 13 may
  4. Chennai – 19 and 20th may
  5. NST will encourage the applicants to complete the task and plan for Beacon+
  6. LB support team will connect with CST and gather feedback
  7. Review should be done for all completed applicant by LB support team
  8.  If an applicant is waitlisted/rejected, a grooming process can be planned.
  9. Announcing the results to applicants after LB review process [LB team]
  10.  Satheesh to give a demonstration of LB review process in NST group
  11. Project wise status will be shared by Ganesh about PSR

ELDP Updates

  •  ELDP team will make sure the NST will attend next meeting
  •  Final list of ELDP was shared with their scopes and responsibilities
  •  NST and CST responsibilities have been shared. RST will be a part of NST
  •  Feedback of ELDP was shared as well
  •  Grooming plans were also shared
  • Quarterly recognition will be done
  • Certificate will be provided for successfully fulfilling the ELDP programme as per expectations
  • Project vision started during beacon will be shared with the applicants
  • Project which doesn’t have NST or POC can be selected after conducting an interview
  • Process date will be decided by ELDP

Agenda 4

Annual Feedback Status was presented by Ganesh

  • Total feedback received was 359
  • All cities are progressing well, except Chennai
  • Ganesh will be sharing the chennai specific data with CST, with concerned people in loop
  • A discussion to be held with CST and project lead
  • Name, email and mobile number to be removed as required fields
  • Tracking of clicks and forms filled based on file
  •  Another bitly link will be created for Chennai
  •  Follow up of the feedback on completion before the start of academic year
  •  City wise/project specific feedback can be shared and follow up plan will be done post Beacon+
  •  Project wise feedback will be shared by 05/05/2018
  • Consolidated feedback report will be shared once 500 feedbacks are received, probably by mid of May

Agenda 5

Volunteer Retention to be presented by Sai KP

  • Agenda Point carry forwarded to next NST meeting

Agenda 6

Promotion status and plan for the upcoming year by Sai KP

  • Agenda Point carry forwarded to next NST meeting

Agenda 7

LEM & SPO Class Trend by Gokul/Arshath

  • NST’s/IA’s to be shared the class trends for their respective projects by next NST meet

Agenda 8

Annual project planning / meeting schedule by Murali

  • Start having meeting regarding project planning by mid of May
  • Visioning has already been initiated.
  • Final project plan presentation will be shared by last week of May

Agenda 9

Pedagogy training update presented by Arun

  •  Identifying the trainers by end of May
  • Trainer identification form will be shared by today
  •  Ganesh to come up with an action plan for orientation by Tuesday
  • Trainer mentor should be aligned with CST.
  • Discussion will be held on the structure and planing will be done

Agenda 10

Project Induction and ongoing content support strategy by Murali

  • NST to come up with project induction strategy and content for review to Murali
  • Murali to draft a template of induction checklist to circulated to NST
  • Review meet will consist of one from curriculum team , one from BST , and one volunteer by end of May
  • Presentation will be shared by second weekend of May.

Agenda 11

TFI workshop takeaways by Arun

  • Takeaways attached herewith

Chennai x 3

​Recently Chennai has become one of India’s largest urban clusters​​ increasing seven-fold from 1,189​ ​sq​ ​km to 8,878​ ​sq​ ​km, including parts of Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur districts and Vellore’s Arakkonam taluk, making it the country’s second largest urban agglomeration after the National Capital Region (46,208sqkm) (Reference).

We had already been struggling with Chennai city chapter’s unequal expansion, lack sufficient city level leadership etc. A larger city ​area we feel ​would only further expand our issues hence we decide to adopt smaller geographic administrative area​s. For this we have chosen the administrative structure of the Chennai Corporation.

T​oday we announce the launch of three new chapters Chennai-North, Chennai-Central, Chennai-South. The map below shows current Ignite centres in these chapters.

There will be 3x more leaders which we hope in the long run will lead to larger and deeper impact in each of these three chapters.​​

Letzchange Fundraising Challenge 2018

Here is a fine opportunity for volunteers to financially support Bhumi’s initiatives. LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18 will be held from February 10 – March 30, 2018. Bhumi welcomes all its volunteers to take up the challenge and support Bhumi’s initiatives.

As you cross each slab, there is a guaranteed reward for Bhumi. And the best part, the percentage (and the amount) of the reward increases as Bhumi raises more.

Mega Reward: 

On crossing Rs. 15,00,000 benchmark there is now a guaranteed additional 20% match and, we also stand a chance to win the mega prize – a flat 50% matching-reward on the total amount raised by us! If we reach the second spot, 30% of the raised donations will be matched.

10 Ka Dum
A bountiful opportunity for us to win rewards EVERYDAY from March 12th-21st, 2018. Under 10 Ka Dum, if we raise maximum amount in a single day, we will receive a 10% matching-reward upto ₹1,00,000 over the funds raised on that day (from March 12-21). This implies that relentless efforts in these 10 days can help us end the challenge with huge rewards. 

Start planning for the Fundraising Challenge now. 

  • Decide on the campaign you are going to raise funs for; you can choose an existing campaign and promote it or create a new one
  • Draft the content for the Letzchange Campaign, if you are creating a new one
  • You can also get the Campaign content verified by Bhumi Social team, if support needed; You can mail the content to social@bhumi.ngo
  • Decide on the contacts you will be approaching
    • Send out mails to your contacts
    • Be ready with the Creatives (posters) for promoting in your Social media pages
    • Approach your friends, family members, colleagues, neighbours

The cumulative amount raised by Bhumi volunteers between Feb 10,2018 to Mar 30, 2018 will be considered for the challenge.

Gear up to join this exciting Challenge; Your support can have a massive impact on realising Bhumi’s goals – Quality Education and Sustainable Development.