Bengaluru City AVM – March 2013

2012-13 Feedback :

  • Need more volunteers across centres
  • Kanini: Syllabus team needs to improvise the syllabus to accommodate children who don’t know English.
  • PC requirements across all the centres need to me met.
  • Pilot run of theatre & arts workshop conducted was succesful.
  • Strictly follow JTW guidelines to avoid hiccups.
  • Steps to be taken to avoid cancellation of classes because of donor visits.

Proposed action for 2013-2014 :

  • Regulate the volunteers and students attendance tracking system (Log sheets)
  • Conduct quarterly volunteers meet on regular basis.
  • Stick to Kanini syllabus and execute in coordination with the centralized syllabus team.
  • Add 3 more centers for Kanini
  • Lakshya programme to be considered at existing centres.
  • Little Einsteins and Speak Out to be started at new centres with better implementation.

All volunteer Meet

Date: 24 March, 2013

Place: Koramangala Park

MoM – All Projects Review Meeting – March 2013

– Centre wise review of all projects

– Orientation dates for all cities to be made available on the website’s homepage

– Kanini:to print ‘sight words’ chart for all centres

– Speak Out: to explore syllabus improvement

– NRO: Arts is ready for expanded pilot, Sports needs better structure, Dance volunteers need more practice and training

– LE: CAS centre suitable for trial of Educational Initiatives Software; needs to make training more interesting for the volunteers; needs to plan for kit usage in the second year (and analyse the integration of ‘samacheer’ syllabus

– HR: First class for new volunteers should be a good experience

– HR: Balance between students & professional volunteers during recruitment

– HR: Volunteer orientation Mela during May to complete recruitment needs before June

Attended by: Chandni, Ganapathy, Harikumar, Kathambari, Sriram, Aparna, Bhargav, Bhooma, Gurunath, Prahalathan & Vaishnavi
Date: 16/03/13 Saturday @ Bhumi Office

Tutoring @ BM

Tutoring @ BM

 “Do the best possible attempt to help students in studies with any effort required…”

Tutoring came as a spark in Bala Mandir (BM) from a few Lakshya volunteers (Prasanna, Rajan, Rajasekar, Marwa, Satheesh, Gnanambigai to name a few) during the 2011-12 academic year. Despite lot of concerns from the management in terms of productivity and the impact it can create to the students, we were successful in conducting the tutoring sessions. From then on it has come a long way. Continuing the momentum, 2012-13 has been a steep learning curve for tutoring in BM. “Tutoring has been really good this year. Compared to last year, it was more organized and quite challenging” says Satheesh, who has been a key tutor at BM. There had been suggestions to start tutoring from 9th class itself to make the basics clear for the students and help them excel.

So, how to go about a tutoring session? You need to plan a lot of things like small fun activities or a math trick (especially when it is a Maths session) to make the students feel comfortable. The main thing for the tutor is to choose the subject you love to teach from basics and be comfortable with. The plan should have a long term goal to be covered at an appropriate time along with small short term goals. The planning phase should also include a backup plan.

The primary factor in charting the plan is Time & Time-table i.e. how am I going to manage my time to co-ordinate with that of the student. Another major factor is the student’s interest level and ability along with tutors’ attempt to make the subject more interesting without boring the student. Not always there is an interest to study for the students, that too with someone who has already been mentoring every week. “Do the best possible attempt to help students in studies with any effort required & reach out to someone when you require assistance or not sure of any situation or resolution.” says Prasanna who pioneered the tutoring team last year.

Another key aspect to look for is the current situation of the student. Due considerations need to be given when it comes to pressure, family problems, friendships and their biological issues. Before we start studying together, it is better the tutor spends time to get rid of unwanted things and make the student pick up his books. It happened successfully for one of the tenth standard student in BM, who had issues with memorizing and low scores. It is equally important for the tutor to be little flexible in making the student study. Make a time table to his/her convenience to study.

The important thing in tutoring is to understand the student’s potential and to learn along with them. You are 90% successful then. Teaching is just a topping for the rest 10%. That brings confidence and instills greatness in thoughts to the student. It also helps the tutor to set goals. Thus, it not only helps the students but also the tutors to groom in a personal level.

Last but not the least; don’t give any false promise or appreciation.

Ripples team would like to congratulate all the tutors who have put forth their time, commitment, dedication, energy and efforts in enriching the students’ knowledge and enable them progress in their academics.

Volunteer Speaks

Every weekend, after spending valuable time with them, I won’t feel like leaving them


T K Nivetha

Bhumi – Lakshya,

Maanavar Illam, Trichy

As an active member of BHUMI, I would like to share my views on “Lakshya”. Lakshya is a project which makes students to relieve their stress and improve their mental ability through various interactive games and group activities. I like the project for its cause and that made me choose it. I have always wanted to work for the society and this organisation makes my weekends special ones. I get to meet really talented students and the time spent with them always stays close to my heart. It gives me a satisfaction and explains me what life is all about when a responsibility is given. And about the students at Maanavar Illam, the time spent with them is so special and memorable. Every weekend, after spending valuable time with them, I won’t feel like leaving them. They need guidance and support in every moment of their life. I am there to help them. I consider this job valuable and heart touching. I will always work for the society and my contribution towards it will be never ending.
Feb 9th 2013 was a wonderful day at Ramakrishna Mission Students Home (RKM) as I witnessed the versatility of students performing at the sports day celebration and more importantly a fully themed drama that has gone for nearly one and half hour about the life story of Swami Vivekananda. Most of the characters including the lead role of Swami Vivekananda were played by the 9th std students who are part of Lakshya program. I didn’t even think that the drama will be such serious one. I was astonished by our students’ performance / make-up / choreography etc. we can keep on adding. The Vivekananda character (and some other characters also) shaved their head to match the role they are playing. The make-ups were in such a way that we will have to look very closely and strain our eyes to find who they are, The students were just into their character / role. I have not seen before any such drama performed by students that is well established, themed, spirited etc…and I am very happy to share my joy with all of my fellow Lakshyans !:-)  Sarathi

J Sarathi

Bhumi – Lakshya

RKM, Chennai


Jop Opening: CSR Project Head for Lister Technologies – Closed

Update – The requirement is now closed

Job Definition:

‘The job incumbent will spearhead and manage all activities for Lister foundation.  The activities encompass project management at the strategic and operational level, growth and expansion of the foundation activities, liaison with all parties (external and internal) involved in and impacted by the foundation activities. The role also involves creating awareness, enhancing knowledge, interest and subsequently increasing the involvement of the target population.’

Essential Qualification and Skills:

  • Postgraduate degree in Business Administration/Social Work and related fields
  • 3+ years of work experience in the corporate sector
  • Excellent understanding and innate passion to work in the social sector
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good negotiation and influencing skills
  • Good analytical & problem solving skills
  • Willingness to adapt to change
  • Ability to multitask and deliver within timelines
  • To have spearheaded project activities and events that involve excellent coordination, effective/timely communication etc…

Desirable Qualification and Skills (not essential)

  • Exposure in the social sector (hands on experience at the ground level)
  • Exposure in various facets of business administration – project management, operations, budgeting, business development etc…

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To evaluate and execute the foundation plan – take it from the business plan stage to actual roll out of operations as per the plan
  • To spearhead and own all operations of the foundation
  • To scale-up/expand the reach of the foundation activities to a larger population (to meet defined target numbers)
  • To ensure that the foundation is self-sustaining within 2-3 years (income from the activities to cover operational expenses)
  • Owning the budget and executing all the activities in the given budget
  • To be the liaison with all parties involved with the foundation – Leadership team, vendors, government officials etc….
  • To ensure legal and statutory compliance
  • To create and enhance knowledge of the foundation to a larger population
  • To involve the participation of the target audience in the foundation activities
  • Ongoing reporting and presentations to the Management
  • Role maybe required to effectively lead a small team

About Lister Technologies & Lister Foundation

Lister Technologies provides creative, cutting-edge technology solutions. Lister’s service offerings include Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, E-Business, Customer Relationship Management, KPO including Revenue Cycle Management and E-Publishing. Lister’s major clients are based out of US and Europe. The company was started in 2001 and presently has 3 development centers in Chennai.

Lister Foundation has been set up as a separate entity, and is a stakeholder in Lister Technologies. The promoters have yielded over 28% of their holdings to this Foundation.These funds will be deployed for the betterment of our communities – ranging from primary education to clean drinking water to rural child welfare, health centers, and more.

For further details contact

Scholarship for Engineering Students

In an effort to reach out to more students and making Education more accessible and affordable, PB College of Engineering, a 10 year old Engineering Institution in Chennai, is making an unique and exclusive offer to beneficiaries and students covered by CIOSA members as part of their projects. NOTE: Bhumi is a member of CIOSA.

With Engineering College admissions for the coming Academic Year scheduled to commence soon, PB College of Engineering has made the following 3 offers only for CIOSA members –

Offer 1: For CIOSA endorsed students securing more than 90% in their +2 Exams, 10 Engineering Seats are being offered at a 74% Scholarship. This will mean a fee of just Rs.28,000/-(to cover transport, exam fees etc) per Academic Year.

Offer 2: For highly deserving students endorsed by a CIOSA member organization, 50 Engineering Seats are being offered with 50% scholarship. The value of this scholarship will be about 50,000 in fees per Academic Year. This scholarship will apply to all deserving students endorsed by CIOSA and selected through a qualification process.

Offer 3: Students enrolling in PBCE with a reference from a CIOSA Member Organization will be offered admission at the same fee as that of a Government Counseling seat under management quota. The value of this benefit is a reduction of about Rs.20,000 in fees per academic Year.

Request you to send in your interest to avail these offers to benefit families and scholars covered by your projects. Based on your interest further details will be provided and a formal Qualification process will be done to identify the deserving students from your nominations.


a.       Members to fill in application expressing interest with the students details who want to avail the scholarship.
b.      CIOSA endorses the application forms and sends  communication to the members.
c.       Interview with the students after results
d.      PB college offering scholarships based on interview and marksheets

Dead lines:
a. Expression of interest over a mail to CIOSA with the tentative names of students who want scholarship by 15th of March
b. Application forms filled in after 12th standard results

For further details Mr.Bhargav @ 9884441435 or email: mail AT

BYST assists youth to develop business ideas into viable enterprises

Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust, is a not-for-profit organization that primarily assists disadvantaged Indian youth to develop business ideas into viable enterprises assisting job seekers become job creators.

Eligible Criteria:

  • Age: 18 years to 35 years
  • Business type: Production & Service
  • Location: Chennai & Kancheepuram

BYST will provide support services like Mentoring, Finance up to Rs.50 lakhs without Collaterals & Security through Bank of Baroda and guide entrepreneurs as well as organizations in Entrepreneurship development.

We request you to support us with the eligible candidates / entrepreneurs who can avail this facility. Kindly inform and do provide us the leads. Our marketing team will do the follow-up.

Contact: S. Manohar, Senior Field Officer
Mobile – 8754466655; Tel: 044 – 27417174

Employment Opportunity: Apollo Pharmacy, Chennai

Date: 01.02.2013

Greetings from Apollo Pharmacy Division, Apollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd.,

It gives immense pleasure in introduction our company Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd,
a company which has redefined healthcare in our country. We are serving healthcare Industry through our hospitals and pharmacies. The first Apollo pharmacy opened in Chennai in 1983. Since then, we have served over one crore customers through our pharmacy chain. Pharmacy operations are divided into two SBU’s, Hospital Based Pharmacies and Stand Alone Pharmacies. SAP’s are promoting a unique service of serving the customers 24 hrs. The largest pharmacy chain with more than 1200 outlets across India, open 24 hours.

As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we focus on creating Job opportunities for young boys from Rural & Urban areas of Tamilnadu .We are looking for HSC / SSLC and Graduates for the post of “Pharmacy Trainee /Assistant (S.S.L.C & H.S.C), Data Entry Operator (Graduates)” to join us in expanding our operations across the country and provide our services.

1. Gross Salary per Month: Rs. 6,000 + Rs. 300 (S.S.L.C & H.S.C), Rs. 6,500 + Rs. 300 (Graduates) Allowance with all Statutory Benefits
2. Selected Candidates will be given 2 Months World class In house Training with free food & accommodation.
3. Training Includes

a. Personality Training
b. Yoga Training
c. Telephone Handling
d. Computer Training
e. Attitude Training
f. Pharmacy Store Maintenance
g. Basic Pharmacy Training
h. Outdoor / Sports Training and others

4. Other Benefits

a. Attractive Salary
a. Monthly Cash Incentives
b. Employee Provident Fund Benefits
c. Employee State Insurance Scheme
d. Employee Gratuity
e. Yearly Attendance Award
f. Free Medicines
g. Earned leave Encashment
h. Yearly Bonus
i. Birthday Gifts & Marriage Gifts
j. Service Hero Awards – Gift Coupons

5. No. Vacancy position: 60 Nos.

5. Date of Joining on or before 11 February 2013

6. Candidate Original Certificates is Must.

7. Address Proof with Photos ID.

8. Latest Passport Size Photos – 6 Nos.

In view of the above mentioned focus, we would like to coordinate with your institution to recruit young boys for employment.

Thanking you,
Unit: Apollo Pharmacy
Anand N A
Manager – HR,
Mobile: +91 9841099321, Direct Land Line: 044 – 28245855

LAMP Fellowship 2013-14

PRS Legislative Research
Are you passionate about policy making?
Do you seek to broaden your understanding of policy challenges?
Do you want to assist an MP in his/her role as a parliamentarian?


PRS Legislative Research is seeking committed, highly-motivated individuals to be a part of the Legislative Assistants for Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship. The LAMP Fellowship is designed for exceptional young Indians seeking to widen their understanding of politics and policy-making in the country. LAMP Fellows will be exposed to policy making at the national level by working full time with an MP.
The LAMP Fellowship was conceptualised by PRS Legislative Research in 2010, launched with a pilot initiative consisting of 12 LAMP Fellows. In the following two years, the Fellowship was expanded to have over 40 Fellows each year. LAMP Fellows work with MPs from both Houses of Parliament, across different political parties.
Role of a LAMP Fellow: 
Each Legislative Assistant is assigned to an MP, to provide individualised research support for his/her legislative and oversight duties. LAMP Fellows will provide inputs to help MPs fulfill their parliamentary duties such as framing Questions, raising matters of public importance, participating in debates, drafting private members’ Bills, among others.Fellows will also engage with policy makers and experts from diverse sectors through participation in workshops and seminars on important policy and development issues that the country faces today.
Applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Not more than 25 years of age (born on or after January 01,1988)
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • Hold Indian citizenship
The Fellowship is based in Delhi and runs from June 2013 to May 2014.
Applications for the fellowship are invited at:   
Last date for applications : March 3, 2013