School Chale Hum…!!! (Pedagogy)

Pedagogy training was organized for the old as well as new volunteers of Pune on 16th of May, 2015.

Vaishnavi Srinivasan was gracious enough to conduct the separate sessions for old and new

volunteers of BHUMI – Pune chapter. The session included the recent presentation for pedagogy and

covered various aspects from a teacher’s perspective. The aim of the workshop was to make the

volunteers ready for the upcoming academic session. The session was well planned with ample time

for fun-filled activities as well as some serious training stuff. All in all, it was a full package of fun-

learning for our Bhumi teachers. The positive feedback from most of the attendees confirms that the

training was successful.



Train the Trainer @ Pune / 17-05-2015

A training program was organized by the Bhumi-Pune team for potential trainers. In this program 10

volunteers from Pune and 5 volunteers from Mumbai took part. The aim of this module was to provide

training to potential trainers who can then train new volunteers in Pedagogy.

Vaishnavi Srinivasan from Chennai was in Pune to conduct the session and as in with any Bhumi events,

this event too was full of fun and learning. A mock demo was also a part of the training which required

the attendees to prepare some slides and deliver in on run-time. The identified trainers can now take

the responsibility of conducting pedagogy sessions in Pune and Mumbai.


Trip to Historical Aga Khan Palace

Sciformix Corporation Ltd., Pune is associated with Bhumi from the 2013 in charitable activities for

orphanage kids. Continuing with tradition, on the eve of their foundation day, the Sciformax

Technologies Pvt. Ltd., along with Bhumi, planned a visit to the Aga Khan Palace, Pune. A total of 96

kids from Maher foundation, Vadu vudruk, were briefed about the historic information at Aga Khan

Palace. Other fun activities such as singing competition, playing games etc. were organised by the

volunteers.  The enjoyment of the kids was visible in their smiles and interaction with volunteers

making it an awesome experience. The Sciformix Corporation Ltd., Pune funded the entry fees, lunch

for kids and transportation for this tour. Stationary for the new academic session for the Maher

center kids was also donated by Sciformix Corporation Ltd.









Fun Fair (Volunteer Activity)

Volunteer interaction is an important aspect of the Bhumi culture for the smooth functioning of the

projects. Keeping this in mind, another volunteer activity (Knowledge fest and Cultural event) was

organised during the summer break. Another facet of this activity was a workshop for skill

development stress bursting in collaboration with RGITBT, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune. The

Fun n Fair activity was conducted at the Bholagiri school, Pune on 9th May 2015. The event was

segregated in 3 sessions;

1. Skill Development and Stress Busting session:

Principal, Prof. Sharma, and other senior Professors from RGITBT, Bharati Vidyapeeth University

were introduced to Bhumi volunteers and kids from the school. Volunteers and kids of Bholagiri

Centre participated in the workshop headed by Dr. Nilambika, Prof. and H.O.D Department of

Plant tissue culture, and her team of students and other lecturers. A small demonstration to

make Bottle Gardens, Test tube Plants, Wax Candles and Handmade chocolate bouquets was

conducted in groups of 10 (Volunteers and kids). Stalls for the items made in this session (Bottle

gardens, test tube plants and Wax candles) were put up for fund raising. The interaction of the

kids with the college staff was the ‘moment of the day’.

2. Knowledge Fest:

For the interaction of the old and new volunteers, a short activity themed as “Introduce Your

Inner Self” was organised next. Volunteers actively participated introducing themselves and also

presented their views on “How to bring about a positive change in the society”.

3. Fun Time:

We had a guitar performance by one of our talented volunteers Vaibhav and a song by Ashwini.

An In-house DJ was active during the entire event, dedications and requests were pouring in

right from the start. The event was also brightened with a game, “Queen of Sheeba”, where in

volunteers and kids were divided in teams and asked to hunt for various things to win.


IMG_1584 IMG_1600

Suren Mohanty, Coordinator, Kanini.

Suren Mohanty, Coordinator, Kanini.

The blood donation drive initiated by Bhumi in collaboration with R. G Gholap memorial blood bank was attended by many. It was initiated at a time when the Modi government is also promoting this cause and where need is constant and gratitude is instant. With just a few minutes of my time I can help in saving a number of lives. I have always wanted to be part of this drive and jumped on the opportunity provided by Bhumi. It was an awesome evening along with my friends and fellow volunteers doing great work together. I hope Bhumi provides more of such opportunities in the future.

Kaustubh Deshpande, Volunteer Non-Edu Project.

Kaustubh Deshpande, Volunteer Non-Edu Project

Kaustubh Deshpande, Volunteer Non-Edu Project.

Conducting the orientation program for starting volunteering at Bhumi is a very good idea indeed. It actually gives the prospective volunteers a good idea that what is expected from them and what all things they will be going through in there tenure with Bhumi. It also explains the importance of commitment which not only will help the volunteers for Bhumi but also will help them in their future life. I liked the team activity which was conducted during orientation. Old volunteers shared their experiences and I felt the atmosphere got a bit tense because of the way they were sharing. I think that experiences can be shared in more subtle way like showing actual videos of volunteers while they are interacting with kids. Overall experience was very good.

Mayur T. Deshmukh, Volunteer LEM

Mayur T. Deshmukh, Volunteer LEM.

Mayur T. Deshmukh, Volunteer LEM.

I have only one word to describe BPL and that is “awesome”. It was an awesome event that formed a bond between the volunteers and the coordinators .This event happened for the first time in Pune thanks to the brilliant and hard work of the coordinators. The volunteers also showed great interest in making the event happen. I hope there is a lot more to come. Thanks Bhumi for organizing such an awesome event for us. Proud to be a BHUMIAN..


Blood Donation Camp,Pune,April 2015


A Blood Donation Camp was arranged in association with R. G. Gholap Memorial Blood Bank on 5th April, 2015 in Pune. In total 9 volunteers willingly donated blood . They were appreciated with certificates. On the whole the programme was successful.

List of Blood Donors:

Sl No Name
1 Suren Mohanty
2 Subhrajyoti Das
3 Chandrahas Sabannavar
4 Parth Sarthi Gupta
5 Rohit kshirsagar
6 Abhijit Sunil Yadav
7 Pritanshu Srivastava
8 Sai Krishna
9 Maaz Ahmed

Bhumi Premier League, Pune, April 2015

The Bhumi Premier league 2015, held on 12th April 2015, Pune was basically a platform for all the volunteers from various projects in Pune to come together, play cricket and in general get to know each other. The end of the year volunteer activity was successfully organised and attended by a majority of active volunteers.

DSC_2329                            IMG_20150412_123939

Two major activities were organised during BPL:

1) The cricket matches between teams from various projects. 

Four teams in total from various projects (LEM, LES, Kanini and Hi5) participated in a knockout tournament. Registration for the teams was done beforehand. An additional point that we organizers stressed on during the formation of each individual team was the addition of members from other project groups per team.

2) Appreciation certificates for volunteers from various projects. 

Arrangements were made for the appreciation certificates for volunteers from various projects for their all year round involvement and commitment to the BHUMI activities.

Lunch was arranged at the end of the tournament which was enjoyed by all.

The highlights of the event:

Participating Teams:

1) Kanini

2) LE Maths

3) LE Science

4) Hi5

Winning Team: LE Science

1st Runner up: Kanini

2nd Runner up: LE Maths

Total number of volunteers attending: 28

The following donations were arranged during the organisation of this event.

Name: Anvita Kale

Donation amount: 1001/-

Name: Shilpa Oak

Donation amount: 1001/-


Orientation,Pune ,April 2015.

The orientation for the new volunteers was held on 26 January 2015, at Jogram Mandir hall, Law College road. A total of 39 volunteers turned up. The orientation was structured into 5 major activities;


IMG_20150426_121255                                     IMG_20150426_122115                                                                            IMG_20150426_120139

Wake up activity:

The new volunteers were made to dance four simple steps to a song along with the old volunteers and the coordinators. This was to done to get the complete attention of the new volunteers and was a great start.

Why Volunteering?

Before proceeding with the presentation the volunteers were questioned for their volunteering motives. We wanted to know why they chose BHUMI and why they want to go for educational volunteering. A video depicting the educational statistics of India was then played to update the new volunteers.

Bhumi Presentation:

The presentation informing them about the goals and objectives of Bhumi, followed by a video which briefed about the different projects and how the academic sessions are conducted was played.

Ice breaker:

The volunteers were then divided into groups, and asked to design costumes for one guy and one girl in the group within a given time limit using newspapers. They had to display these costumes on the ramp with an innovative pose at the end. The motive behind this activity was to bring out their creativity and teamwork. We added another surprise twist to this activity by asking them to introduce their team members in the end.

Volunteer Impact:

This was followed by a video which introduced the volunteers to Bhumi Pune. This was then followed by a presentation which focused on the volunteer impact and consequences of volunteer drop outs. In the end, volunteers were asked to decide upon the project of their interest, join the group discussion for each project followed by a personal interview.

Educational Crisis Scholarship Support – a CSR initiative of HDFC Bank

Education is central to human progress and pivotal in the growth of communities and economies. HDFC Bank seeks to empower the communities it touches by empowering young minds.

The Educational Crisis Scholarship Support (ECSS) is one such programme that has been envisaged to provide interim education support to children facing a personal or financial exigency. ECSS has been conceptualized to provide assistance to students affected by such issues so that their family can deal with a difficult situation or a crisis without any adverse effect on their children’s education.

We request you to introduce the programme in your organization and share with your partner organizations and invite you to send applications of eligible students for the HDFC Bank’s Scholarship programme. The Application Form can be downloaded from the Bank’s website will be available from 1st May, 2015 to 5th July, 2015. Filled in application forms should be submitted latest by 5th July, 2015.

Please note: This scholarship is for children facing a crisis situation such as bereavement/separation/loss of job/terminal illness/ permanent disability due to accident in the family.

We look forward to your support to ensure that the programme reaches the deserving students.

Details about the ECSS programme is available on For any query please write to