Benchmarks for 2014-15

With a belief that bench-marks are not created rather extended; we have been re-defining the way we work by setting up benchmarks for us by analysing various other sets of instances that are possibly existing around us. Similarly small yet efficient layers of study which focuses on external organisations that are working on similar terms and internally analysing other bhumi projects. An additional trial out in this year, would be an extension for the internet generation which takes the the advantage of facilities like video-calling environments to conduct a session facilitated across tough geographical terrains under “E-Lakshya” program which is under process and it can be an worthwhile expectation for all of us.

Herunmayee from Chennai Lakshaya Team Says,” In the past we had been methodically trying out a lot of things to cover the planned modules in sessions. Yet at a particular point when we stop by to analyse or try to understand what we have done; we don’t have a proper mechanism for that. When even new volunteers ask us about the procedures which we have done earlier through the session we don’t have something to show them. More important than that we don’t get to look back what have we done to the kids; this is very important because only this indicator helps us to refine our methodologies. On a personal note we would also clearly demarcate an objective for the project.Which i feel has not been so clearly put till date;as in the conflicts with the necessity and parts of mentoring that are handled by volunteers which would help prioritized efforts. So working on assessments this time by studying instances and organisations shall help us. As with my personal expectations we might expect a result oriented approach from the present teams and their plans and progress in 2014-15. “

Plans spanning 2014-15

Just as history reminds you; the buzzword in Lakshya is always strategic planning; the word out in town is about “the style of pedagogy”, which is to design a learning classroom environment; apart from that various additions and procedures are to be tested this year. On board this year; ripples gets in to you a few perceptions from the brains behind on all possible charted plans for this academic year.

Srinivasan from Trichy Lakshya team says,” The aim this year is to benefit more children by extending the project in more centres this year. We are also about to start a workshop module in Deeksha home for the first time in Trichy. The mentoring will be started soon with the help of trained mentors; unlike last year. To improve internal volunteers’ coordination many activities are to be planned. Lakshya Inductions won’t go like seminar classes any more; instead it shall be more of a discussion session with interesting activities. As usual, Lakshyans are always ready to prepare the kids to appear in global competitions like DFC etc… Moreover the syllabus prescribed by the syllabus development team shall be followed. “

Mathpal from Chennai Lakshya Team says,” Unlike in the past; where we used to work on modules on just on a random run, now clear demarcations of modules and sub-module categorization by the syllabus development team will help us better the work in the forthcoming academic year. Since the categorization also has also incorporated the logical flow implicitly; I think this year shall be more efficient.”

Ground rules for 2014-15

Ground Rules for Students

  • Be Punctual. All kids should be present by 10 A.M. {Might vary with centres}
  • Avoid Usage of foul language.
  • Avoid doing homework or studying during sessions.
  • Avoid shouting and creating chaos.
  • No kids should be physically harmed by other fellow kids
  • Inform the volunteers in case of your absence.
  • Avoid bringing unnecessary things to session unless informed by the volunteers

Ground Rules For Volunteers

During Sessions:

  • All respective volunteers should be at the centre by 9.30 AM {Might vary with centre}
  • Avoid usage of foul languages in sessions
  • Avoid using mobiles during sessions (In case of emergency use outside session area)
  • Avoid giving mobiles to kids
  • Dress appropriately for sessions (Avoid shorts and tracks)
  • Donot physically assault or touch which makes the kid uncomfortable.
  • The kids should always be in session area; in vicinity of all volunteers and kids.
  • Never shout or scold the kids; treat all kids equally.
  • Never share everything about oneself to kids {Maintain boundaries; especially personal problems and stuff}
  • Dont make promises that one cannot keep
  • must actively participate in activities to motivate kids to come forward.
    General Rules:
  • Prepare for every session and well in advance.
  • Inform the centre coordinator in case of absence
  • Never tag a kid
  •  Safety of kids is your prime importance.
  • do not entertain giving gifts or money to kids.{all gifts should be through centre coordinator.}
  • Do not visit centre apart from session timings. {If so, Inform the centre coordinators}
  • Do not bring persons not associated with bhumi to sessions
  • No activity (communication, jokes etc…) should be sexual in nature.
  • In case of any help or to make clarifications, centre coordinator is your point of contact.

Notable request for volunteers: Make sure the kids SMILE whenever they see you 😀

Missing Lakshya

Trichy is where my hearty is; its with the Lakshya kids. The children from MI (Mannavar Illam) always call me as “Akka”; a single word that can easily melt my heart and make me feel heavenly. The Bhumi volunteers , were not just my friends they were like family. Every time I travelled 30 kms to the city on Sundays, to meet the kids for sessions. I’ve never cared about the long travel or the time consumed, because the care and love from the children and my dear Bhumians were always on me. Time moved on smoothly; then came the day with a critical situation which being my job offer in Chennai. Even after,   missing all of them,  I just Hope for being reunited with my family soon.

There was a magic that is taking a small break now, a time wherein everyweek had a sunday; planning for which, was the task for, rest of the week. It starts with calls to decide who is gonna do the GA this week; then a series of calls and msgs and what not… Then after a set of the initial iterated moves;  the sunday morning arrives with a long list of confirmations ; reschedules; changes; absentees; surprise visitors… all put in the session starts and sways like a spell. After that evening post meet galatta; then getting back home and having a confidante heavy feedback on what worked that week and what failed… All this is melted down by the summer.  And not to miss the beautiful messes we used to create in the package named meet… All this and most important the love of the volunteers who just stay put to lift my senses when im down… And the-not-so-important 45 Min calls.. I’m missing all of them because these days there are just topics to cover around 4-5 min … Waiting to get back in swing…

Inductions 2014

Lakshya-The name of the group itself speaks volumes. I was introduced to Bhumi by my friend Nithya who has been volunteering for a year now. I believe your personality gives you confidence, individuality and it is a true reflection on what you are. Lakshya aims at moulding the personality of mentees (Kids) and also shape the personality of the volunteers (mentors). The reason I choose Lakshya was to create this impact in a Child’s life in a positive way.

The induction programme organised by existing Lakshya volunteers was well thought out and planned. One could see that it was not a one man show. All the existing members had a part to play. They were heart warming and very receptive to the new volunteers and included us in the group instantly making us feel totally comfortable.
The induction programme was absolute fun; from the self introduction where the newbies had to write their names in the air to the more serious activity of matching modules with sub modules was very interesting. The presentation gave us a clear idea about what the over arching objective of Lakshya is and the annual plan that has been scheduled. The mentor training programme that will be organised is an excellent move by Lakshya to ensure that volunteers turn out to be effective mentors. The induction gave us an idea that through Lakshya you can do serious work in a fun loving way; that together as one we will not only do our bit but also enjoy the journey.

I’m really excited about the being a part of Lakshya and hoping we all have fantastic year ahead. Cheers!

Lakshya !
Lakshya means goal.
We lakshyans were hoping for new enthusiastic people to join us.
During orientation, many volunteers came forward with novel ideas. Its unfair to mention names. It was always an team effort which made our orientations successful.

We had a serious challenge during induction. Then again, our team took it up with ease and we were successful in delivering the right content and the new volunteers easily picked our thoughts.
A special mention has to be given for the new volunteers. We were very happy to see such a happy group around us during induction. The success of induction was totally because of the new volunteers.
We lakshyans should keep up the team spirit, and
We welcome the new volunteers and hoping them to enjoy their volunteering experience.
–         Mathpal

Wish of a story

Here is a cute message from our volunteer Srinivasan; as you read you would know whom it is addressed too…..

When I was a child, my granny used to say “if you don’t behave well, Saami kanna kuthidum”. I took it serious at that time. I haven’t committed any kind of mischief; just by blindly adhering to her words and obeying her. Because of zero awareness, the phrase got attached deep to my heart and I behaved very well.  But now while thinking about it i get to know; why she had told me so? I.e. just to build me as a generous man and to make my life ecstatic.
Belief system in our body plays the major role in our life. Psychology says that if our belief system is attacked, we would never hear to anyone saying things against it. For example, the word ‘confidence’ lies in that belief system of mine. Thus my granny attacked my belief system by the phrase ‘Saami kanna kuthidum.’
Think about it, if not atheist, about the god you pray daily, Rama, Jesus or Allah. He might have been a leader to certain people, who took care of the people very well; with affection, love and care. He had been to spread the purity. He had ruled his people with greatness. He had given his life for the people. He has lead during the enemy attacks. He had come first to face the challenge. He might have won the hearts. He might have spread the spiritual awareness; and even spent his whole life with selfless attitude. Thus, the perfect leader, a ruler or a king has been worshiped as God. They were made as God to us; it is nothing but an attack in our belief system. Even Almighty Allah might have never been seen by his greatness Nabigal Nayagam.
He might have had told so just to enrich our life to feel the pureness- the emptiness- the happiness. The holy books might have been made by the one who has learned from his failures in his life and written for the future so that we can learn from them; or it might be written as formulae of life for future generation. Thus it is our awareness that results in the belief we hold today.  The photos, the sculptures we worship daily might have been the leaders, the rulers or the kings who might have lived long ago.
I dedicate this short article to my friend, to a man, to a King, to Parvez (which means King), Living yet leading beside us; Mohammed Arshath Parvez, wishing him an advance happy birthday.