Guidelines for Centre Identification Report

While we appreciate the effort and enthusiasm in identifying centres, it’s important that one understands the process that goes into this. Please take a few minutes to read these guidelines:

  1. Inform your Chapter Support Team while you plan to contact or visit any centre to avoid any duplication of efforts
  2. Get prior permission from the center management through e-mail /phone for visiting
  3. Go through this form thoroughly before visiting
  4. Kindly dress appropriately while visiting the center
  5. During the visit, greet them gently and explain to them about Bhumi and our contributions in education. You can read the details here before visiting.
  6. Then inform them about our initiatives Ignite, Joy to the world and Nakshatra Arts & Sports
  7. Please avoid any commitments regarding giving fund to them
  8. Gently ask for the data prescribed in the form and update it on the spot itself
  9. Please fill all the mandatory fields in the form
  10. Kindly avoid giving commitments about any of our initiatives to them during the first visit; kindly inform them that we will get back to them after discussing with our team members.
  11. If they ask you to come on any other day for giving the data, please follow up with them

Presenting the Ignite Shelters Support Team

The Bhumi Support Team and its people have collectively managed the Ignite – Shelters programme since inception, till date but times have changed.

Only one major programme: Ignite – SheltersSeveral major verticals including Ignite – Shelters; Ignite – Communities; Ignite – Schools, Catalyse, REFRESH, Scholarships
Average age difference between volunteers & management team: Five yearsAverage age difference between volunteers & management team: Ten Years+
All team members were PCs of various projects initially, even volunteersNot any more

A case for change is the Ignite (Shelters) Support Team – ISST, a team that

  • is more connected with the volunteers on the ground
  • Can oversee day to day management the programme giving its undivided focus only on Ignite – Shelters
  • can take decisions for Ignite – Shelters more aligned to how contemporary volunteers think and do 

What will the Bhumi Support Team – BST do?

  • Function as the “Board” for the Ignite – Shelters team
  • Divide time better across the organisation
  • Support and hand hold the Ignite (Shelters) Support Team in the transition

Responsibilities of the Bhumi Support Team for Ignite – Shleters

The Bhumi Support team will focus keeping with the organization’s vision, mission, and strategic planning goals. Responsibilities include:

  • Approving members chosen for the Ignite (Shelters) Support Team
  • Providing strategic direction and long term priorities / goals for the programme
  • Approving major policies / decisions
  • Reviewing progress – Quarterly
  • Serving as external advocates – Representing the programme to funders etc. 

Responsibilities of the Ignite (Shelters) Support Team

The team will lead the programme in keeping with the BST’s direction. Responsibilities include:

  • Providing direction on annual priorities / goals for the programme
  • Making policies / decisions pertaining to the programme
  • Keeping the BST educated and informed
  • Bringing well-documented recommendations and information to the BST 

Presenting the Ignite -Shelter Support team  

From left: Vaishnavi Srinivasan (BST), Ganesh Kumar, [National HR, Bengaluru] (ISST), Meghna Raveendra [Lead Bhumi, Mumbai] (ISST), Dr Prahalathan KK (BST), Mohammed Arshath Parvez Murthuja [Computers & Science NST, Chennai] (ISST), Ayyanar Elumalai (BST), Sanjna Chebium [Computers NST, Chennai] (ISST), Satheesh Ravi [Maths & English NST, Chennai] (ISST), Neha Singhal [Kolkata CST] (ISST), Ganapathy H Krishnan (BST)

Ignite Documentation Ownership Breakdown

The table below gives a brief over-view of all documents we maintain and respective owners of the same.

DocumentWhyWhereComplexityPrimary Responsibility
Orientation/Pedagogy/Induction Attendance detailsTo get the no of volunteers orientated & ensure the quality of content deliverabilityZohoVery SimpleTrainer / Mentor
Volunteer MappingFor centre allocation & knowing the actual vol requirement after orientationsVery SimpleLB Coordinator
Student DatabaseTo identify who are we servingZohoSimpleCentre Level Coordinator
Asset TrackerTo understand the status of present assets & future requirements, planning on cost effective solutions (as applicable) and class planning based on asset requirements.Google Drive/SheetVery SimpleCentre Level Coordinator
Student Attendance dataIdentifying the frequency of kids & measuring impactZohoVery SimpleCentre Level Coordinator
Volunteer Attendance dataVolunteer Certificate/Awards & measuring impactZohoVery SimpleCentre Level Coordinator
Baseline Assessment TestTo understand the kid’s knowledge levelZohoSimpleVolunteer
Class/Lesson PlanningMonitoring PurposeGoogle Drive/SheetMediumCentre Level Coordinator
Content Tracking sheetSyllabus completion and impact analysisZohoSimpleVolunteer
Center visit feedback formMonitoring & documentation of issues/solutions to come up with a effective and better classroom cultureZohoSimpleLB Coordinator
Caught-Ya card trackingVolunteer appreciation, identifying new leadsGoogle Drive/SheetVery SimpleLB Coordinator
Centre Progress ReportTo know where we stand against our initial project plan; to communicate & build a strong relationship with the centre managementGoogle Drive/SheetHardCentre Level Coordinator
Mid year/Level Upgradation Test/ End of Topic Assessmentskids knowledge levelZohoSimpleVolunteer
End Year AssessmentKids knowledge levelZohoSimpleVolunteer
PR & CommunicationSpreading awareness about our work to attract more volunteers, donors and supportersWorkplace & other social platformsSimpleALL
Award NomiationVolunteer RecognitionZohoSimpleALL
Annual Feedback FormTo make the project/organisation betterZohoSimpleALL
Legend for time taken based on complexity
Very Simple- Less than 5 mins
Simple- 5 to 10 mins
Medium- 10 mins to 20 mins
Hard- 60 mins or more


Click here to view the complete documentation ownership breakdown.

Please note you can give in your feedback/suggestions or if you want to add any additional document names in the Ignite Documentation Ownership Breakdown here