Vision 2020 Projects

On Bhumi Day 2019, we launch a new initiative for volunteers to take up transformational projects at an organisational level. 2020 not only denotes vision of normal sharpness but also an aspiration for a better Bhumi and a better society by the year 2020.

Note: 2020 Projects will be organisation focused and not project related. Volunteers will receive mentoring and project management support.

Sample Projects

  1. Alumni Network: Setting up Alumni Network for Bhumi Volunteers
  2. 56 Stories Project: Bringing out one story a week like this
  3. New chapter: Starting a new Bhumi chapter in India for volunteering
  4. Overseas chapter: Starting a new Bhumi chapter outside India for fundraising
  5. Online orientation: Conducting volunteer orientations and training for Bhumi volunteers via the internet
  6. Volcon Videos: Help review content from Volcon and publish videos to help spread the knowledge on volunteering
  7. Bhumi Awards: Streamline and manage Bhumi volunteer Award process