LAMP Fellowship 2013-14

LAMP Fellowship 2013-14

PRS Legislative Research
Are you passionate about policy making?
Do you seek to broaden your understanding of policy challenges?
Do you want to assist an MP in his/her role as a parliamentarian?


PRS Legislative Research is seeking committed, highly-motivated individuals to be a part of the Legislative Assistants for Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship. The LAMP Fellowship is designed for exceptional young Indians seeking to widen their understanding of politics and policy-making in the country. LAMP Fellows will be exposed to policy making at the national level by working full time with an MP.
The LAMP Fellowship was conceptualised by PRS Legislative Research in 2010, launched with a pilot initiative consisting of 12 LAMP Fellows. In the following two years, the Fellowship was expanded to have over 40 Fellows each year. LAMP Fellows work with MPs from both Houses of Parliament, across different political parties.
Role of a LAMP Fellow: 
Each Legislative Assistant is assigned to an MP, to provide individualised research support for his/her legislative and oversight duties. LAMP Fellows will provide inputs to help MPs fulfill their parliamentary duties such as framing Questions, raising matters of public importance, participating in debates, drafting private members’ Bills, among others.Fellows will also engage with policy makers and experts from diverse sectors through participation in workshops and seminars on important policy and development issues that the country faces today.
Applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Not more than 25 years of age (born on or after January 01,1988)
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • Hold Indian citizenship
The Fellowship is based in Delhi and runs from June 2013 to May 2014.
Applications for the fellowship are invited at:   
Last date for applications : March 3, 2013
Mentoring Feedback session

Mentoring Feedback session

It was dull and gloomy Sunday morning as all the Lakshyans gathered @ the Bhumi office . It was quite a lethargic time until Saras ma’am arrived and soon everyone was buzzing up with energy . All Lakshya volunteers had gathered at the Bhumi office for the feedback session even as many big bosses skipped the session 😀

So it was time for the discussing about the Lakshya project , how it has been going and how mentoring was going on in both the centres , so the feedback session started off the first time volunteers who have taken up mentoring expressing the difficulties they had faced during the mentoring sessions . So as the discussion was leading into a boring phase, there came the late comer Harshan and session was back to its life again ,of course everyone needs entertainment and this time Harshan took that up instead of Ashwin 😀 after serious discussions , it was time to find out the solutions to these problems and Saras ma’am gave out a few options . This was followed by a brief discussion on certain problems which were being faced in BM and also possible solutions that can be employed for that . So as the session ended, everyone gathered for the group photo and namba HR showcased his photography skills 😀 In all the gloomy and dull Sunday turned lively with some fierce and useful discussion as the mentoring session progressed 🙂

Lakshya 2012

Lakshya 2012

As we enter 2013, Lakshya looks back to see & cheer for the significant progress during 2012. Here, we take you through some of the key hits and misses on its targets during 2012.



Induction & Training: One of the major improvements in 2012 was the process of induction of volunteers into Lakshya. Even the volunteers who were part of last year DnE underwent the induction to understand and appreciate the revamped program Lakshya. The induction presumably a key factor in the higher quality volunteers turnaround. Another significant step in Lakshya’s growth story was its association with Ms.Saras Bhaskar, an eminent counseling psychologist, whose training on mentoring provided immense value to all the volunteers. In addition, the outbound training helped in building a fantastic team.

Ripples: It would be an understatement to classify Ripples as a mere newsletter for Lakshya. It has been a vital avenue for volunteer engagement, be it sharing experience or gossip or achievement. It has also helped in identifying hidden talents and tacit knowledge of volunteers.

Mentoring: This year mentoring was restricted to only Chennai as the other chapters are still in initial phase. With the quality of training taking the driver seat, the dedication and quality of mentoring has tremendously improved benefiting the children at large. Unfortunately we were not able to enjoy enough flexibility as expected due to lot of constraints.

Tutoring: A creditable addition to the program is the tutoring for 10th class children. While 2012 beginning saw the rise of tutoring within Lakshya, delivering a breakthrough results in Bala Mandir, Chennai, the later part of the year saw more energetic volunteers involved in regular tutoring sessions including weekdays. Not withstanding this, we have also developed a clear plan of action, schedule and syllabus for tutoring.

Personality Profiling Test: Though we had started the concept of psychometric test for children in late 2011, it was only in 2012 we reaped the benefits of it. We had been able to automate the test analysis & results successfully and use the results effectively for mapping mentors with mentees.

Expansion to other Chapters: It was indeed a big step towards expanding the leaps & boundaries of Lakshya to start the program in Trichy & Bengaluru. Despite facing a lot of constraints on volunteers’ / children’s turnaround, the enthusiastic & determined volunteers continue to show progress and we are confident of establishing Lakshya in these chapters this year.

Workshop Model: Continuous research & development is necessary for any organization to sustain, let alone improve. It was this thirst for learning & improvement that led us to study various mentoring organizations across globe and experiment new approaches. One such approach that had a successful start was the workshop model for Lakshya. However, we are yet to regularize this due to centre constraints. We are hopeful that this model will be a key ingredient for Lakshya’s road ahead.

Group Activities: Like every year, this year too saw a lot of improvisation on the group activities conducted. We also created a central repository of all GAs documented in a standard format which was helpful for other cities as well.

Feedback & Learning Cycles: One of the drawbacks this year was the drop in the quantity and quality of post session feedback which needs to be focused. We could have also done much better in conducting Learning cycles. On the other hand, the feedback session on mentoring was a great success with lot of mentors benefiting from the suggestions of fellow mentors and wisdom of Ms.Saras Bhaskar

Chennai Expansion: One of the biggest challenges of 2012 was our inability to expand beyond 2 centres within Chennai, though some the reasons could be attributed to external factors. We are committed towards achieving this by this year.

Target Age group Segment: We have also not been able adequately work on our change in the target segment from 10th class alone to five years from 9th class. Our brief experiment with Industrial Training Centre (ITC) boys of Bala Mandir gave us an insight into the potential scope and challenges in extending Lakshya to a higher age group.

– Ganapathy

Pratham Fellowship – Apply by Jan 4, 2013

Pratham Fellowship – Apply by Jan 4, 2013

For a current project in Pratham,  a 1 and a 2-year fellowship program is being launched.

The document gives information on the project, the fellowships and the application process.   One can also find the details either on the project blog

( or the Pratham website (

In brief, there are 2 types of fellowship programs:

1)      Management Fellowship – This fellowship requires a 2-year full-time commitment, and places fellows in a program management role. Fellows will be responsible for managing the operations of the program within their assigned state.

2)      Training Fellowship – This fellowship requires a 1-year full-time commitment and aims to develop fellows into Master Trainers.   Fellows will work directly with teachers across multiple locations, providing both training and ongoing support.

For both fellowships, Pratham will conduct ongoing skill and leadership development. 

Contact: Pratham directly for further info.

MoM – Kanini Review Meet – Oct 2012 (28/10/12)

MoM – Kanini Review Meet – Oct 2012 (28/10/12)

Agenda Discussed
  • Major problems in Zones
  • Syllabus coverage: NIIT and MS tests
  • Teams: HR & Tech
  • Plans for next year: yours and for your zone
  • Succession plan, future leaders in your zone
  • Responsibilities to other cities
  1. Centre updates in GDocs
  2. No centre had Tech related issues!
  3. HR Team + Vaishnavi to focus on filling the gaps in Kanini volunteer requirement by re-imagining process
  4. HR: Increase volunteer bonding
  5. Kathambari + Vaishnavi to re-work Kanini at Orientation
  6. Kathambari + Syllabus team to provide solution for centres that aren’t likely to complete syllabus this year
  7. Gopal to restrict children at Home of Hope
  8. Chitlapakkam centre to be started only in 2013
Feedack given by Bhargav on Kanini:
  • Lack of processes
  • Lack of succession planning or grooming of leadership

Attended by: Kathambari, Jaishri, Gopalakrishnan, Bhargav & Dr.Prahalathan

3-5.30 PM @ Bhumi office on 28/10/12

MoM – Speak Out Review Meet – Nov 2012 (18/11/12)

MoM – Speak Out Review Meet – Nov 2012 (18/11/12)

Centre issues
  • Ramakrishna Home (Akshya): Not enough class rooms > Bhargav to speak to management
  • Dr.PV Rao School (Ashwin): Two children joined mid-year; classes happening on the ground but vols have no issues; 1 centre Coordinator – 4 Batch Coordinator system to be properly implemented.
  • SISTWA (Aditya): 7/16 classes have been cancelled on Saturdays; 9-11 or 10-12 implement common time after discussing with Gopi
  • BM (Sathya): Children are also going to Kanini classes?!?!
  • YMCA (Raghavi): Place is still water logged leading to some difficulty; Bible classes and parents meets causing some difficulty towards conduct of classes
  • Seva Chakra (Nikita): Need a bureau to store stuff > Sriram; Donor visits are allowed to disturb classes
  • ICCW (Pritham): Needs male volunteers; PTA meet interfering with classes on 1st Sunday of every month
  • All centres have only 60-70% volunteer attendance on most days
  • Chronic errant volunteers to be made to quit
  • All volunteers to have access to their credit score and those who are unwilling to raise the score maybe asked to discontinue teaching
  • Speak Out has added only 50 volunteers from 486 people who walked in to the last 6 orientations. 110 volunteers selected SPO but 60 did not make it past the screening. so more orientations are needed.
  • Old volunteers continuing next year to go through commitment checks
  • Video of Mock teaching round to be circulated to volunteers post next orientation
  • All centres to submit reports after current round of tests to Hari and to respective centre managements
  • Log sheets not being updated on time (Vaish to follow up regularly)
  • Sajida & Bhooma trying out Phonics for one batch of children at RKH. They will explore this further with Genki & Vidyarambam
  • Need for ERP discussed > Credit scores to be publicised instead for now
  • Do children need to be informed prior about assessments?
  • Do we have to connect with teachers who teach our children English?
  • Project not in a position to expand further next year
  • Potential leadership for the next year remains to be identified.
Attended by: Harikumar, Vinod S, Zeba, Jegan, Pritham, Raghavi, Nithya, Nikita, Sajida, Aaditya, Ashwin L, Prahalathan & Vaishnavi
Date: 18/11/12 Sunday, Bhumi Office @ 4pm
MoM – Nakshatra Reach Out Review Meeting – November 2012 (11/11/12)

MoM – Nakshatra Reach Out Review Meeting – November 2012 (11/11/12)

Centre updates

  • MSS: Arts 16 children, no volunteer requirement
  • ICCW: Sports & Dance; Maximum 31 children including some special children. Minimum volunteer requirement: Sports: 4 | Dance: 4
  • St.Xavier’s: Classes only once a week because of change of management: Arts, Sports and Dance planned from this week. Minimum volunteer requirement: Sports: 4 | Dance: 8 | Sports: 4
Various Aspects of NRO 2012
  • Dance – Classical
  • Dance – Western
  • Music
  • Sports – Volleyball / Throw Ball
  • Sports – Athletics
  • Sports – Kho Kho (Only at St.Xaviers, not to be started at any new centre)
  • Sports – Chess
  • Arts
  • Arts: Chandni & Keerthana
  • Sports: Raj Thilak & Chanesh
  • Dance: Nirmala
  • HR: Volunteer requirement is severely affecting project and succession planning
  • Syllabus: NRO team, Volunteering Coordinators, Support team will all try to improve the syllabus
  • Orientation: Presentation needs a makeover with points from the team
Meeting 4-530 PM @ Bhumi Office
Attended by: Chandni, Prakash, Nirmala, Bhargav, Prahalathan, Vaishnavi, Sriram & Baish