Ice Breaker Session- Speak Out

Ice Breaker Session- Speak Out

Post little hurdles start last year, with great hope we kicked off this year’s Speak Out batch at Eklavya

Balgram. The excited, somewhat nervous volunteers slowly showed up at the centre, as the

excitement levels of the kids already began to skyrocket. We started off with a quick introduction

session. Whoever possessed the ball had to introduce themselves (in English) and then pass it along

to someone who hadn’t yet. That way, everyone had to be alert enough to remember who did and

who didn’t. The kids were then mapped 3:1 for each volunteer leaving us with 6 teams to battle it

out for the next round, which was Who Am I? Each team was given a small chit with clues in English.

The volunteer would explain the clues to the kids in preferred language and once the kids had

figured it out, they had to paint it on the sheet provided to them. All the necessities were already

provided. The activity helped the volunteers to connect on a much deeper level with the kid. As I

collected the sheets, I could see a stronger bond between the children and the volunteers. Though

no prizes were there to be given away, the volunteers had gained much more, not just the kids.

Another interesting activity that was suggested by our own volunteer was to begin and end each

session with a prayer. The video shows the enthusiasm of the kids during this activity.

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One day for Bhumi (Volunteers speak their heart out)

One day for Bhumi (Volunteers speak their heart out)

We asked our volunteers to give a write up about what they felt about giving their “One

day for Bhumi?” We got a lot of interesting write ups. This one by our new volunteer, Shamli, is an

engaging piece. Hope it touches you as it did us.

Shamli Telrandhe says:

Speak out

Remember the time when you learnt to ride a bicycle, you fell, you got hurt, it’s not bad if you

remember it now. Because you had someone to pick you up. Someone to heal the pain. But not

everyone is that lucky. Millions of kids out there need help. Your help. Change is what we all strive

for in our country, why not be a part of it?


Be a volunteer at an NGO, spread the knowledge that you have . You just need to give a few hours of

your weekend to make a difference. NGO, non-governmental organization is run only by the

volunteers who seek happiness by helping others.


Immense amount of happiness, inner peace, hope, motivation, social skills and small things that

money can’t buy.

Change Today. Change tomorrow. The motto says it all. BHUMI is one such NGO where all your

dreams of helping someone are fulfilled.

You don’t need a superman costume to be a hero. All it takes is to help someone in need and you

could be their HERO.

Yes or no. In or out. Live or die. Hero or coward. Fight or give in. Human race is made up of choices.

Make sure you choose and choose for a better tomorrow.


Assistant Manager-Marketing / Business Development – Canopus, Chennai

Assistant Manager-Marketing / Business Development – Canopus, Chennai

To promote our HR services (recruitment, training, staffing & HR consulting), we require graduates with 2 to 4 years of relevant experience in corporate sales / recruitment / staffing / service industry / customer support (front end) please apply with updated resume & latest passport size photograph. Salary will commensurate with qualification & credentials apart from attractive Incentives. Overseas exposure (in Dubai, UAE) will be considered based on performance after successful completion of 1 year.


Job Description:

  1. Developing a good understanding of client companies, their industry, what they do and their work culture and environment
  2. Visiting clients to prospect, build and develop relationships
  3. Using sales, business development, marketing techniques and networking in order to attract business from client companies
  4. Advertising vacancies by drafting and placing advertisements in a wide range of media, for example newspapers, websites, magazines
  5. Using social media to help the recruitment team in advertising positions, attract candidates, build relationships with candidates and employers
  6. Requesting references and checking the suitability of applicants before submitting their details to the client
  7. Organising interviews for candidates as desired by the client
  8. Informing candidates about the results of their interviews & keeping them in the pipeline
  9. Negotiating pay and finalizing arrangements between clients and candidates
  10. Offering advice to both clients and candidates on salary rates, training and career progression
  11. Meet training financial objectives by forecasting training requirements; preparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions
  12. Determine training requirements by studying strategic plans and current sales results; reviewing results of trainers, coaching evaluation & training effectiveness
  13. Develop information systems; maintaining libraries and databases; building interactive and integrated job support systems
  14. Working towards and exceeding targets that may relate to the number of candidates placed, a value to be billed to clients and/or business leads generated
  15. Quickly evaluate & prioritize tasks in the highly dynamic environment
  16. Demonstrate the ability to work with challenging, demanding clients & adapt to changes
  17. Effectively manage requirements of multiple open positions & be accountable for meeting the hiring targets
  18. Implement accurate data capture mechanisms & timely reporting on key metrics pertaining to clients & on other internal process tracking
  19. Identifies & resolves potential challenges & risks then engages in a proper escalation procedure
  20. Drive results in a positive & professional manner in a deadline-oriented environment


Salary : 3~5 Lacs CTC for deserving candidates


Key words: “good understanding”, “develop relationships”, sales, “business development”, networking, Negotiating, “exceeding targets”, “business leads”, prioritize, challenging, demanding, accountable, Implement, reporting, metrics, challenges, professional, “information systems”


  1. Should be fluent in Tamil, English & Hindi. Knowledge of any other language / foreign language will be an added advantage
  2. Should be good in numbers, analytical & have a positive outlook
  3. Face to face interviews will be held after a telephonic interview, numerical ability test & English language test followed by a psychometric test.

CONTACT : Subashini or +91 9176615766




A business services firm specializing in Strategy Execution & Customer Experience Management. We have been listed among 25 most promising management and strategy consulting firms in India by Consultants Review Magazine.


The incumbent will be required to promote our services to target prospects using various media including social media, telephone and email.

Following are broadly the key activities

  1. Conduct research with customers in various industries about their practices from time to time
  2. Constantly and proactively create interest among customers by sharing interesting and useful information with them from time to time
  3. Maintain & build prospect database through internet research

Skills & Experience:

  • Good command over English language (written and spoken)
  • Ability to connect and open conversation with senior executives remotely (phone and mail)
  • Self-interest to do something new, willingness to experiment methods, etc
  • Display of confidence
  • Networking skills
  • Moderate vocabulary of Hindi preferable
  • Around 0-2 years of experience including fresherAdded Advantage:Experience in marketing/research/selling services (like education, consulting, etc) will be an added advantage

After 1 year of successful and satisfactory performance, the incumbent will be given exciting opportunity to work directly in Strategy Consulting Assignments

Place of office: ANNANAGAR, CHENNAI.  Office working hours: Normal

Salary : 3~5 Lacs CTC for deserving candidates

Contact Details:

Subashini or +91 9176615766

Nakshatra is coming to Town…!!!!

Nakshatra is coming to Town…!!!!

Nakshatra is Bhumi’s annual inter-orphanage art, literary, cultural, science and sports talent fest

for children. Over 5,500 children from 100 children’s home have benefitted across Chennai,

Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi and Triruchirapalli every year. This year we are planning to

conduct the one day Nakshatra event in Pune. Over 400 children from 15 orphanages are

expected to take part in various events organized by our team. Priority events include:

Arts: Face painting | Pot painting | Rangoli | Junk art | Clay modelling

Cultural: Adaptunes | Group song | Group dance | Mimicry | Skit | Solo performances

Literary: Adzap | Elocution | Extempore | Memory games | Quiz | Spelling bee.


Anand Kumar, Volunteer Kanini

Anand Kumar, Volunteer Kanini

The experience I had was very good. The kids were very curious to see the historical place and learn more about Mahatma Gandhi. They were listening intently to the guide who was telling us interesting facts about the place. We also had set up some activities for the kids and they showed great enthusiasm. Really thankful to Sciformix for arranging this trip.

Anand Kumar, Volunteer Kanini
Anand Kumar, Volunteer Kanini
Chahita Lalchandani,Volunteer.

Chahita Lalchandani,Volunteer.

The Pedagogy session hosted at Pune by Mrs. Vaishnavi from Chennai was very well presented. We, as beginners in volunteering weren’t aware of the many challenges faced in a classroom, but she  proved to be efficient in helping us comprehend how teaching goes beyond the simple chanting of “A-B-C-D” to include classroom atmosphere, behavior management, etc. Every ideology was elaborated on till there were no doubts left. The little tips and pointers shared like chanting of Hocus-Pocus to regain attention or delegation of roles to individual students are definitely helpful and something I would try out in my teaching sessions further!
- Chahita Lalchandani
– Chahita Lalchandani
Vaibhav Mehra, Volunteer Kanini.

Vaibhav Mehra, Volunteer Kanini.

I am extremely Thankful and grateful to Bhumi for organising the fun event. On a personal front it

was a fulfilling and a humbling experience right from the moment when i entered the venue and was

greeted with the smiling faces of the children. The Joy,Simplicity and innocence radiated from the

kids touched me deep. They were eager to play games and to answer any question I asked which

made me wonder how a little effort could mean a lot to someone. All I can say now is that it was

wonderful to meet all of you who are and willing to continue to invest their time and effort for such

a noble cause.

Vaibhav Mehra, Volunteer Kanini.
Vaibhav Mehra, Volunteer Kanini.
School Chale Hum…!!! (Pedagogy)

School Chale Hum…!!! (Pedagogy)

Pedagogy training was organized for the old as well as new volunteers of Pune on 16th of May, 2015.

Vaishnavi Srinivasan was gracious enough to conduct the separate sessions for old and new

volunteers of BHUMI – Pune chapter. The session included the recent presentation for pedagogy and

covered various aspects from a teacher’s perspective. The aim of the workshop was to make the

volunteers ready for the upcoming academic session. The session was well planned with ample time

for fun-filled activities as well as some serious training stuff. All in all, it was a full package of fun-

learning for our Bhumi teachers. The positive feedback from most of the attendees confirms that the

training was successful.



Train the Trainer @ Pune / 17-05-2015

A training program was organized by the Bhumi-Pune team for potential trainers. In this program 10

volunteers from Pune and 5 volunteers from Mumbai took part. The aim of this module was to provide

training to potential trainers who can then train new volunteers in Pedagogy.

Vaishnavi Srinivasan from Chennai was in Pune to conduct the session and as in with any Bhumi events,

this event too was full of fun and learning. A mock demo was also a part of the training which required

the attendees to prepare some slides and deliver in on run-time. The identified trainers can now take

the responsibility of conducting pedagogy sessions in Pune and Mumbai.


Trip to Historical Aga Khan Palace

Trip to Historical Aga Khan Palace

Sciformix Corporation Ltd., Pune is associated with Bhumi from the 2013 in charitable activities for

orphanage kids. Continuing with tradition, on the eve of their foundation day, the Sciformax

Technologies Pvt. Ltd., along with Bhumi, planned a visit to the Aga Khan Palace, Pune. A total of 96

kids from Maher foundation, Vadu vudruk, were briefed about the historic information at Aga Khan

Palace. Other fun activities such as singing competition, playing games etc. were organised by the

volunteers.  The enjoyment of the kids was visible in their smiles and interaction with volunteers

making it an awesome experience. The Sciformix Corporation Ltd., Pune funded the entry fees, lunch

for kids and transportation for this tour. Stationary for the new academic session for the Maher

center kids was also donated by Sciformix Corporation Ltd.