Be Social @ Bhumi – Guidelines

PR & Communication

PRC team will draft and finalise the communication plan with inputs from the respective teams (timelines below)

Major Events

One of Events / Information

All other events


BIR, BSL, Nakshatra, Ignite Fest

External Workshop

Orientation, catalyse events





Plan to be frozen

2-3 months prior


1-2 weeks prior
  • Promotion for events should ideally be started only with a proper plan
  • For Catalyse events promotion, Event data to be shared
  • Workplace is Bhumi’s primary source of official PR & Communication after the website
  • It is recommended that Whatsapp or other mediums be used as secondary channels to promote links from workplace
  • For Support reach out via

Design Guidelines

  • Recommended image type for social media and WhatsApp promotions is square images of dimensions 800 x 800 pixels
  • Bhumi logo & should always be included in consistent branding; colors or size ratio of the logo should never be altered.
  • Kindly ensure clear visibility of text (adjust text/background color and opacity accordingly)
  • Create a visual hierarchy in the text. In one design, avoid using more than two different fonts, three different font sizes and four different colors (remember 1 design, max 2 fonts, max 3 sizes, max 4 colors)
  • URL on the design could be short instead of the complete address. For instance, better displayed as (‘http://’ in the beginning and ‘/’ at the end are removed).

Design Approval

  • Volunteers can design a poster on their own, but kindly get it approved by Bhumi’s Communication team before using for promotion
  • Share the source file (Canva link, PSD/AI/EPS file etc) with the Social team
  • Email designs to for approval
  • Approval is required for both internal and external promotions.
  • NST / City Leads / Ignite Associates can approve for internal promotions.
  • Approval will be done within a day

Creative Team

Bhumi’s Creative team is a volunteer based team supporting Bhumi volunteers/coordinators in creative requirements.

Creative Type
TimelineNote Request submission via
Posters, Brochures, social media creatives etc. 4 Days Specific content to be the given by the requestor while submitting the request Form –
Bulk requirements (Banners, Standees, Frames etc.) 7 Days Specific content and dimensions to be the given by the requestor while submitting the request Requirement sheet.
Sample sheet: Link
Share the sheet to
Videos & Animation Deadline will be fixed depending on the requirement, priority and other existing priorities. Content & Inputs to be the given by the requestor while submitting the request email –
  • Any Bhumi volunteer/coordinator can approach the team for support in creative requirements.
  • This team will be supporting Bhumi events and campaigns only.
  • Creative team works nationally, so it has a standard response time. Refer the below table to understand the timeline for respective requirements. The team strives to fulfil 90% of all requests within the timelines.
  • If there are urgent requirements and if the same is clearly mentioned in the request the team will attempt to fulfil the same within the requested time-frame.
  • For any queries or suggestions reach out to the team @
  • Response time for emails will be 24 hours.


  • To capture photos of children for promotion, due permission from Project Coordinator shall be obtained
  • Share all photos with via Drive folder/Dropbox