Frequently Asked Questions: Ignite App on Zoho


What is Ignite app?
Ignite app is a cloud storage and specially customized software application built on Zoho Creator platform to manage all Bhumi’s data in it.
Why we use Ignite app?
To record and manage the following data in Ignite App: -data base of volunteers and students -attendance of volunteers and attendance -manage assessments -manage attendance of orientation, pedagogy and induction training -centre visit feedback -request for certificate -nominate for Bhumi awards -new centre identification report -maintain centre database [Kindly note that Lead Bhumi related data will be managed through Lead Bhumi app separately.]
Why opted for Ignite app from excel sheet?
Ignite App has been chosen to maintain a common structured and dynamic representation of data and to fulfill the need of software application with ability for customization of Bhumi’s need and upgradability.
How can I access Ignite App?
It is available in website ( and also in mobile app. It is available in Android and IOS also. Search for “Zoho Creator” app and install it, inside it, the Ignite app will be available if you have been given the access.
Why it is advised to use Ignite App in mobile?
It is handy and very comfortable. It enables the volunteers submit the data on the class itself
Can I use Ignite App in offline?
Though Zoho creator has offline access facility, Ignite App is designed to work online only since several data validation is included in the app.

Volunteer & Students

Why we should mark volunteer attendance in Ignite app?
-To create reports for center authorities and donors. To know number of classes happened and cancelled class. -To provide the Certificate of social responsibility on request -To reward regular volunteers
Why do we mark student attendance in Ignite app?
-To create reports for center authorities and donors. -To record the commitment of the students and reflect it in the impact
When can I receive access for Ignite App?
After completion of all mandatory training, you will receive access for Ignite App through e-mail
What is the best suitable time line to mark attendance?
Immediately, after the class gets started, use the Ignite App mobile app to mark attendance for both volunteers and students.
How to map newly oriented volunteer in Ignite app database?
Watch the tutorial videos in
How to check volunteer/student attendance?
-Step 1: Login to Ignite App -Step 2: Click Volunteer menu and choose volunteer attendance -Step3: Then Click Students menu and choose students attendance All the Ignite volunteers have access to view their respective centre volunteers and students
How to change the status (availability) from active to dormant for a volunteer & student?
The Lead Bhumi Coordinator can directly edit their status in Ignite app.
How to change the status (availability) from dormant to active for a volunteer & student?
The Data of a dormant volunteer & student will be hidden from the database. Submit their details in to change dormant volunteer & student to active status
Why my attendance percentage is showing low in Ignite app?
It might be due to any one condition mentioned below -You have really volunteered for least number of classes as mentioned. -You might have volunteered for many classes, but your Centre coordinator might have not marked the attendance in Ignite app. -In this case, kindly contact your Centre coordinator to complete the attendance quickly in Ignite app. If the Center coordinator does not respond in 10 days, kindly contact your Lead Bhumi coordinator.
How does the total number of classes happened is calculated?
It is calculated from first class after the date of induction / pedagogy whichever is later. Whenever the volunteer in your batch takes class, your total no. of classes will be counted. The day of attending the class should be same as the batch day as per volunteer database. You can check your attendance using “My Attendance” option under Volunteers menu.
How does the total number of classes attended is calculated?
It is the total number of classes attended by the volunteer as a Batch volunteer, Batch substitute, Center substitute, and non-session participation. -Batch Volunteer – Attending on the same day as per the assigned batch (Saturday/Sunday) in the assigned centre. -Batch Substitute – Attending a class as a substitute for an alternate batch in the assigned centre -Center Substitute – Attending a class as a substitute for a different centre. -Non-session –Attendance recorded for activities participated other than regular session such as orientation / training / event will be recorded under ‘non-session’ attendance
What is Class status?
Class status option is available under students menu. It is the summary of active student’s count, attendance and assessment for each center in the project.
How the number of classes happened for volunteers is calculated?
The number of classes happened for volunteers is calculated by the number of regular sessions recorded against the batch of the volunteer. Ensure the volunteers are mapped to the appropriate batch for the count to be accurate.


Who can mark the assessment scores?
All volunteers belonging to Little Einsteins Mathematics, Little Einsteins Science, Speak Out, Lakshya and Kanini can mark the assessment scores
Why do I have to mark BAT & EYA assessment scores in Ignite app?
-To analyze and understand the impact made on the children and track them over a period of time -To compare the results across centres. -To create reports for center authorities and donors.


What is Bhumi tech support?
A support system to help on application error, new feature request, new application requirement, suggestion for improvement, new user interface and changes in database. Kindly visit this link to learn more
How to nominate for Bhumi Awards?
It is available under utility menu in Ignite app and also via this link
What is the benefit of filling Centre visit feedback by the NST, CST, LB Coordinators and Change drivers?
To observe and give honest feedback about the proceeding of the class. Based on the feedback provided, the changes will be done suitably and it will be useful for improving the quality of our project and the kids will be directly getting benefited from it.
How to apply for certificate?
It is available under utility menu in Ignite app and also via this link
How to extract data from Ignite app?
In more options, choose export and download the data in your desired format.