I have registered on the website, what next? How do I start volunteering?
> Every volunteer has to attend a mandatory orientation before you can volunteer, wait for us to contact you regarding the same. The tentative dates for the various city chapters are listed here

Why don’t you have orientations more frequently?
> Orientations are held only when there is a need for more volunteers, so they are held only occasionally.

I have registered on the website, I did not receive any email from Bhumi
> Emails are sent only once a month

Is there any age limit to volunteer

> Yes & No. For Bhumi’s education projects volunteers have to be below the age of 30.
For the other projects there is no such requirement.

When will Bhumi’s classes be held?
> Bhumi classes at our learning centres are held at most places on Saturdays and Sundays only. At the orientation, you will be assigned to your preferred day/batch and learning centre.

Where will Bhumi’s classes be held?
> Bhumi classes are held at Shelter homes, slum/village community centres. You can choose a project you like and a centre that is most convenient/closest to you.

My city is not listed among your chapters, when will Bhumi start there?
> Bhumi is fast expanding to every major city soon, if you would like to know what you have to do to start Bhumi in your region check out start a chapter page (coming soon)

Will I be given a certificate for my work with Bhumi?
> Yes, a certificate of appreciation will be provided based on the quality and period of your volunteering.