Guidelines for clicking quality pictures!

Isn’t it important to document your amazing work?

If you are an authorised volunteer to click pictures (read the child protection policy here), these are some guidelines that will help you capture quality pictures, particularly if you are an amateur photographer.

Ready - Steady - Capture!


  • Composition: what story do I want the picture to say?
    Are the subjects and the background in sync, if not perfect sync, to convey what’s happening? For example: if you want to convey ‘teaching’, children looking into the camera rather than the notebook or discussing with peers does not convey the message right!
  • Focus: is my subject clear without any shake/blurriness/fuzziness?
    Unless it’s intended – like blurring the background to give more importance to the subject
  • Lighting: is my picture well lit? 
    Poor lighting causes noise formation and reduces the quality of the picture. Be wary of the light angles/sunrays and ensure to click in the direction of light (not against!)

As an additional tip: Share hi-res images via email or drive. WhatsApp and other social media apps tend to compress your picture, reducing the quality of the picture.