Ignite Documentation Ownership Breakdown

The table below gives a brief over-view of all documents we maintain and respective owners of the same.

DocumentWhyWhereComplexityPrimary Responsibility
Orientation/Pedagogy/Induction Attendance detailsTo get the no of volunteers orientated & ensure the quality of content deliverabilityZohoVery SimpleTrainer / Mentor
Volunteer MappingFor centre allocation & knowing the actual vol requirement after orientationsVery SimpleLB Coordinator
Student DatabaseTo identify who are we servingZohoSimpleCentre Level Coordinator
Asset TrackerTo understand the status of present assets & future requirements, planning on cost effective solutions (as applicable) and class planning based on asset requirements.Google Drive/SheetVery SimpleCentre Level Coordinator
Student Attendance dataIdentifying the frequency of kids & measuring impactZohoVery SimpleCentre Level Coordinator
Volunteer Attendance dataVolunteer Certificate/Awards & measuring impactZohoVery SimpleCentre Level Coordinator
Baseline Assessment TestTo understand the kid’s knowledge levelZohoSimpleVolunteer
Class/Lesson PlanningMonitoring PurposeGoogle Drive/SheetMediumCentre Level Coordinator
Content Tracking sheetSyllabus completion and impact analysisZohoSimpleVolunteer
Center visit feedback formMonitoring & documentation of issues/solutions to come up with a effective and better classroom cultureZohoSimpleLB Coordinator
Caught-Ya card trackingVolunteer appreciation, identifying new leadsGoogle Drive/SheetVery SimpleLB Coordinator
Centre Progress ReportTo know where we stand against our initial project plan; to communicate & build a strong relationship with the centre managementGoogle Drive/SheetHardCentre Level Coordinator
Mid year/Level Upgradation Test/ End of Topic Assessmentskids knowledge levelZohoSimpleVolunteer
End Year AssessmentKids knowledge levelZohoSimpleVolunteer
PR & CommunicationSpreading awareness about our work to attract more volunteers, donors and supportersWorkplace & other social platformsSimpleALL
Award NomiationVolunteer RecognitionZohoSimpleALL
Annual Feedback FormTo make the project/organisation betterZohoSimpleALL
Legend for time taken based on complexity
Very Simple- Less than 5 mins
Simple- 5 to 10 mins
Medium- 10 mins to 20 mins
Hard- 60 mins or more


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