Internship – SOP

The goal of the internships team is to recruit high potential interns to support Bhumians in  conducting their work effectively and efficiently. We will do this by providing a high-quality experience for our interns that ensure each of them is an ambassador for Bhumi and our  internship programme. Bhumians may reach out to the internship team via for urgent / high priority requests or for any other support. 

Intern Requirement Submission

  • Request for interns must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the expected start date at
  • Internship team will review the request, if approved, the intern requirement will be posted as  an ‘available role’ on the internship listing page for  candidates to apply.

Internship Request Form (Filled by Requester/RM)

  • The Requester should ensure that request is detailed and specific. 
    •  Area of internship: should be specific to the tasks assigned to interns
    • Detailed job description: Requester should include responsibilities/ complete list of tasks  that the intern(s) will have to complete during the internship.  
    • Requester should plan for the list of tasks as later changes will not be appropriate. 
    • The expected learning is the most important field in the form. Bhumi strives to make the  internship process wholesome and fruitful for the interns with maximum learning. What  interns gain out of the internship is as important as their contribution.  
    • Requests will only be accepted if they have significant learning associated with the same. 
    • Number of interns required for the role must be filled after critically analyzing the kind  of work, number of hours to be put in. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure  the intern is occupied every day with a task and at the same time, not overburdened. 
  • Requests where requirements are not clear will require rectification before they can be  posted.

Regular Recruitment & Candidate Selection

  • Potential interns may start applying after the request is published 
  • For each internship, the requester will receive up to ten applications, after which the request  will temporarily paused.  
  • Further screening must be completed by the Requester.  
  • For each application received, the requester will have three options 
    • ‘Under review’ option can be used to temporarily shortlist the candidate. The Requester can place any number of candidates ‘under review’  
    • Select – requester can select only the required number of interns. 
    • Reject 
  • The internship team will follow-up regularly (at least once a week) with the Requester to  ensure smooth flow of the recruitment process. 
  • After selection, the internship team will assist the Requester with onboarding and orientation  of the selected interns.

Active Recruitment

  • Internship will start this process of 
    • an intern request is not fulfilled within two weeks 
    • If High priority requests are received 
  • The internship team will maximize efforts to recruit including (but not limited to)
    • Screening internship applicants among ‘General Applicants’ database
    • PR outreach through Bhumi’s social team 
    • Posting on internship websites

Internship: Responsibilities of the Requester/Reporting Manager

  • During the internship, the Reporting Manager (RM) will ensure that 
    • The internship is a mutually satisfying experience for the intern and Bhumi
    • the scope of project and the core responsibilities of the intern(s), as mentioned in the  job description are not changed during the tenure of the internship. 
    • there is always work planned for the intern
    • daily check-ins are done, clear direction and support is provided to interns. 
    • the intern completes the assigned tasks/fulfils the responsibilities 
    • the intern fills in the daily attendance tracker with the list of tasks performed 
    • review the weekly reports of the intern(s) to monitor their progress.
    • expectations from the intern in terms of number of days, hours are met.
    • the intern is appreciated, supported, and motivated in their work. 
    • inform the internship team if the intern discontinues midway 
    • inform the internship team at least two days prior to the scheduled end-date if both  the intern and the RM mutually wish to extend the internship 
  • On the last day of the internship the RM must fill the end-of-internship feedback form and  clearly stating 
    • the tasks completed by the intern 
    • their feedback on the intern 
    • feedback on the internship team 

Internship: Responsibilities of the Internship Team

  • The internship team is responsible for  
    • tracking the progress & maintaining quality of the internship 
    • triggering an automated email to the intern every evening (at 5 pm) to report attendance and tasks performed on that day. 
    • Sending a weekly feedback form to the intern & the RM 
    • Sending a weekly report to the RM containing number of hours contributed on each  day that week & a list of tasks performed by the intern  
  • At the end of the internship, the internship team will 
    • send a feedback form to the intern and the reporting manager 
    • conduct a discussion with both the RM and intern 
    • provide a certificate after the feedback form is filled by both the RM and intern