Important responsibilities of the education projects team

This is especially meant for the Lead Bhumi coordinators but like all responsibilities in Bhumi it’s a shared responsibility between the Support team, the employees, the coordinators, each and every volunteer.
A. Ensure every child part of our programmes receives the best possible volunteer delivered education. 
  • Identifying the best / most cost effective curriculum/materials (Nationally)
  • Ensure all of this is purchased / printed ready at least 2 weeks before the academic year begins in your region
  • Starting classes within 1-2 weeks of the start of the academic year in your region
  • Ensuring maximum classes happen
  • Ensure the feedback from the year is gathered, mistakes learnt from and improvements made within a month of the close of the academic year’s end 
B. Volunteer Management
  1. Completing volunteer recruitment, training etc as much as possible before the academic year begins so that no class is missed/cancelled or delaying start
  2. Ensure volunteers issues are resolved on time
  3. Ensure volunteers are recognised properly – nominate every single deserving volunteer for the annual Bhumi Awards
C. Ensure the impact of the Bhumi programmes is measured properly.
  1. Conduct Baseline, term wise and end year assessments
  2. Any test material should be readied at least two weeks before the test
  3. Score recording pattern is optimised to minimise errors and is readied at least two weeks before the academic year begins
  4. Tests are conducted on time: Baseline on the first/second class. End year at least one class before the last class (backup day for test)
  5. Tests are conducted properly and recorded accurately
If any of the above are not done properly, the quality of our work in your chapter/nationally is going to reduce, directly affecting our ability to reach out to more children and impact their lives positively (purpose of Bhumi).
If and when you have any problems in doing any of the above the support team and all employees are here to listen and resolve those ASAP. Feel free to email us at support AT if you have any thoughts/clarifications 
This document was discussed and shared at the Bhumi National Facilitators Meet, Aug 15, 2014, Chennai.