Superheroes: Monthly Giving

Archana Hari who currently heads Online Giving & Subscriptions at Give India spoke to us on how monthly giving is essential to build a sustainable organisation. Her key responsibility at Give India is to understand the giver’s mindset and build solutions to grow the tribe of committed donors across the world.

We hope these key insights from the webinar will clarify some of your queries and help you get started with Monthly Giving:

  • The need (in our case, to educate our children) is ongoing
  • The ask (from the prospective donor) is friendly on the pocket
  • The call for action makes the giver an ‘equity stakeholder’ – that is, the donot
  • Small contributions add up to make a big difference!
  • Monthly giving contributes towards building a sustainable organisation

Call for action:

  • Start by signing up to give monthly – much like crowdfunding, you must be the first contributor!
  • Find 20 people every year to give Rs. 300 a month (Making a list of all those you know and putting an estimated amount of donation against each name would be a good start! Do not drop any names assuming they can’t/won’t give!)
  • Reminding the donor or expecting the donor to remember to give monthly is not a concern! Our National Automated Clearing House (NACH) will ensure this is done automatically at the beginning of every month for a duration committed by the donor.

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