Superheroes: Storytelling Checklist

The key to successful fundraising is in how well you are able to present your story! If you doubt your abilities, we have some good news. Storytelling is an art that can be mastered! Here is a checklist to keep in mind when you create your story (Courtesy: GlobalGiving)

  1. Center your story on a single character.
    Does your story contain a compelling character who is relatable to your audience?
    Studies show this approach is more likely to inspire support. Try centering your story on someone Bhumi has served and avoid making your organization the hero.
  2. Hook your audience as soon as possible.
    Does your story capture the audience’s attention as quickly as possible? Give your audience a sense of what’s at stake right away.
  1. Chronicle a transformation
    Does your story chronicle something that happened? The most memorable stories document a character’s experience, journey, transformation, or discovery.
  1. Don’t tell.
    Does your story show—rather than tell—the audience about your character’s transformation? Use rich details, eliminate jargon, and feature the character’s own voice whenever possible.
  1. Convey your character’s emotions.
    Does your story illustrate the emotions associated with your character’s transformation? Remember, emotions move people to act.
  2. Include a clear call to action.
    Does your story include a clear pathway to action—to make a donation, share on social media, or visit a web page for example?

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