Voluntear the mask – april 2014

Voluntear the mask april

#1- You should remember him from the GA Training – a silent coordinator of trichy

#2- You should remember her from the GA training – a volunteer of Bangalore

#3 – You should remember her from the trek- a Chennai volunteer


  1. Srinivasan N Sabapathy says:

    Ananthraman ana, trichy and Ramalakshmi, bangalore?

    1. Lakshya says:

      Two down one to go

  2. Srinivasan N Sabapathy says:

    3rd one, i din come for the trek :/

  3. ashwin says:

    1st one is anantharaman anna 🙂 🙂

    1. Lakshya says:

      Kudos… Try guessing the others too or wait for answers in next edition… 🙂 Others?

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